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namaskaaram 2 all :)

From: kalaivani retnavellu (
Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 17:30:18 PST

radhe krishna!

namskaaram to all the bhaktas and bhaktais out there.

hi, my name is kalaivani and am 20 years old. i was born and brought up in 
singapore and am currently living with my family in london. am in my 2nd 
year of college. i'm studying BA marketing.

i came across the articles in bhakthi-list about a month ago, was v.v.v.very 
impressed by it. :) keep up the good work people. :)

i'm not as qualified as most of u to answer questions but will attempt 2 do 
so. but i sure have a lottttttttttaaaaa questions to ask :) i hope i'm not 
being a pain. adiyaalai anaivarum manithaatkola vendum. :)

with that i'll sign off.

with lottsa krishna premai 2 all

kalaivani :)

radhe krishna!

p.s please expect the questions in my next mail. :)))) thanx in advance. 
hari bol.

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