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Substitution of "Na" for "Ra" in paasurams

From: Sathya. Kaliyamoorthy (
Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 07:11:26 PST

Respected Bhagavathas,

Pls accept adiyen's namaskarams.

Adiyen has some query abt the way some bhagavathas recite paasurams, 
especially the way they substitute "na" for "Ra" in tamil.

For example, as in:

"Payananraagilum Paangalaraagilum Seyal Nannaaga (NanRaga?) thiruthi pani 
Kuyil ninraar pozhil soozh kurugoor nambi Muyalginen (Muyalginren?) avan 

Whats the significance of this substitution?. If that is just a slang or 
mere tradition that came out of practice.

Perhaps you learned scholars could correct me but Adiyen feels that it is 
very important to recite mantras and paasurams without changing the 
pronounciation, mainly because not only that the meaning might change but 
also the very "sound" changes, upon which mantras and paasurams are built.

Regards and Thank you very much,

Adiyen dasan,

Sathyanarayana Ramanujadasan

Doctoral Candidate
Bio-robotics lab     
Dept of Mechanical Engg
Case Western Reserve Univ.
Cleveland, OHIO

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