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RE: The Last Words-3

From: Krishna Kashyap (
Date: Sun Dec 09 2001 - 21:48:23 PST

Srimate SrivanSatakopa Sri Vedanta Desika Yatindra
Mahadesikaya Nama:

 Dear sri sadagopan iyengar,

thanks a lot for your three part series.  The statements of sri Ramanujar
may not be clear to many.  Let me point to those issues:

1.  dehayatra karmadina - our bodily experiences and events depend on karma
2.  atmayatra bhagavat adhina - the path of our soul depends on God

Many people to my knowledge have mistaken these statements.  does statement
1. means that we do not need to do anything? Is it fatalism and
predetermination? Yes we should not worry about our body related issues,
events etc. Does it mean we should stop working? or even stop planning about
future by going to school or college to get a job in future, thinking that
we will get what is given by fate?  Many people mistake this due to lack of
understanding of karma and our freedom. I think we should be doing all the
things needed to survive in this bad economy. However, we should not worry
about the outcome.  I definitely have to accept that I am a totally ignorant
and unworthy person who cannot understand prapatti. However, I would like to
understand practical issues.  It is easy for one to feel that this samsara
is full of sadness  and realize that he has to do prapatti to attain the
lotus feet of the lord (or bhaktiyoga if he is capable). But it is very
difficult for me atleast to constantly overcome the attraction to plan for
the future even knowing very well I may not be alive tommorrow.  Even our
acharya says that one should do anything possible to protect one's family,
even though it may not be appropriately a varnashrama dharma kind of
activity in times of danger.

2.  atma yatra bhagavat adina - many people think that once prapatti is done
we do not have to worry about moksham. Yes that is true. However , once a
person does prapatti can he do "yogam" for chitta shuddhi ? ( Of course not
for attaining atmasakshatkara or self realization, since he has already
finished prapatti for moksham).  why cant he do yogam which is chitta vritti
nirodah?n ( mental restraint ie. avoiding mental association with vishayas
or objects?  This question needs some thought.  I feel even a prapanna to
practice a good uttarakritya ( like how rahasya trasara says : one should be
like a stitha prajna after prapatti).  This means that one can try to stay
away from this "world of indriya vishayas which constantly cause
frustrations, joys and sorrows by trying to adopt a discipline of some sort
of mental restraint.  Otherwise, prapannas many a time end up giving into
wasteful indriya related activities, since they have not attained the
moksham yet in this life and they dont have the maturity needed to attain a
stitha prajna state of mind : which states duhkeshu anudvigna manah sukhesu
vigata sprihaha veeta raaga bhaya dvesah  stitha dhihi muniruchyate. -
bhagavadgita ( ie. the steady contemplative person is one who is unperturbed
in joys and sorrows, having won over desires, fear, hatred; he is known as
Muni). I dont think a prapanna loses the responsibility of constantly being
aware that he may be subject to the attractions of this world and fall into
some sinful activity. Note,  that I do know the bramhastra nyayam which
states if a prapanna does something else for moksham his sharanagati will
become a waste.  I am talking about a positive fortification of sharanagati
by a post sharanagati livelihood with mental restraint.

I dont know this subject well.  I would like you  or anyone else to please
write up something which can answer these issues in detail.

I am happy you brought this subject.

adiyen krishna kashyap

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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