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Iraamaanusa Nootrandhaadhi, Velukkudi Swamy Upanyasam (English Translation)

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Date: Sun Dec 09 2001 - 14:19:57 PST

Volume IX :-

Volume Title :- Drishtadhrishta Phalamaagiya
		Raamaanuja Thirunaamam (Contd..)

Last issue we saw the meaning of the 4th thaniyan of
Iraamaanusa Nootrandhaadhi. We ended saying by the
recition of the Iraamaanusa Thirunaamam we get both the
Drishta and Adhrishta Phalam. In this issue let us
understand what Drishta Phalam is :

Drishta Phalam is the fruits that we experience when
we are alive in this world. Drishta Phalam might be
good or bad depending on the Karmaas we do. Let us
assume that we are experiencing happiness as a result
of "Drishta Phalam". This happiness comes to us as
fruits since we would have lived according to
Shaastraas, we would have done nithyaanushtaanams like
Sandhyaa Vandhanam, Gaayathri Japam etc. This will
definitely give us fruits in a good way so that we can
live happily in this bhoolokam. "Gaayathri Manthram"
is being considered as the essence of Vedaas according
to the religion of Vaidhikaas (Brahmanaas) who do
nithyaanushtaanams and the nithya karmaas prescribed to them.

Upanishads are considered to be the important part and
essence of the Vedaas and "Narayana Anuvakam" is the
essence of Upanishads. In "Narayana Anuvaakam" the
"Narayan Gaayathri Manthram" which starts with
"Naaryaanaaya Vigmahe..." is considered to be the
essence of "Narayana Anuvaakham". In all these verses
the greatness of "Naaraayana" thirunaamam is described.
In fact the Ashtaakshara Manhram is nothing but the
essence of the "Naaraayana Gaayathri manthram". This
thirunaamam has such a greatness . This is accepted by
all the Vaidhikaas.

The meaninf of "Gayathri Manthram" is " Let all my prayers
belong to that great person who sits in the midst of
the rays of the shining sun, who purifies and triggers my
brain to go into the path of spirituality". Here we may
think that this points to the "Soorya Devan". Actually
it does not. Because when Soorya Devan himself needs
someone to purify and trigger his mind then how can he
purify our mind ? Hence all our mind keeps expecting
only one person who can purify and trigger our mind
that can lead us in a spiritual path. This brings us a
great paasuram in which aazhwaar says "Uyirum dharumanaiye
nokkum On poo uyarum, sayarum karunkadalaiye nokkum aaru.
Onn thaamaraiyaal kelvan oruvanaiye nookum unarvu.."

This paasuram says that "Like the flower that expects the
Sun rays for it to blossom, just as all the souls expect
only the Dharmaraajan Yama after the body's death for the fruits
of their karmaas, just as all the water in the rivers
expect to reach the ocean, the Jeevaathmaa expects the
one and only supreme being Sriya: Pathi Sriman
Naaraayanan for his kataaksham".

Similarly we have a verse that we recite during Sandhyaa
Vandhanam which goes like this :

"Dhyeyas sadhaa: savithrumanda madhyavruthi Naaraayna :
Sarasijaasana: sannivishta: keyuravaan magara kundalavaan
Kireetee haari hiranmaya vapu: dritha shankha chakra:
Shanka chakra gadhaa pane: Dwaarakaa nilayaachyuthaam
Govinda pundaikaksha rakshamaam shranaagatham"

The above verse clearly says in the first line that "The lord
Naarayanaa who sits in the midst of the rays of the
shining sun" through the line "savithrumanda madhyavarthi
Naaraayna: ". Here "Savithru Mandala" means Sooryam Mandalam
"Madhyavarthi" means "resides in the midst of". Hence
"Naaraayanaa who sits in the midst of the soorya mandalam".
Similary this leads to say that the "Gaayarhti Manthram"
is used to worship the one who resides in the midst of the
Soorya Mandalam.

We chant this "Gaayathri Manthram" either 10, 108 or 1008
times everyday depending on our convenience in order that our
minds go in the spiritual path towards emperumaan.
But Thiruvaranagthamadhanar felt that he has not seen anybody
experiencing fruits (Drishta Pahalam) of reciting this
manthram when they are alive nor he has heard about anyone
one who has achieved Sri Vaikunatam (Adhrishta Phalam)
reciting this manthram. Hence Swamy feels that instead of
reciting this manthram we can recite the "Raamaanuja"
thirunaamam that gives us both Drishta and Adhrishta

Will Continue..


Vedic Iraamaanusa Nootrandhaadhi Team

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