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Re: Clarification on VibheeshaNa and Bharatha's SaraNagathi

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Dec 07 2001 - 20:51:03 PST

SrImathE Gopaladesika mahadesikaya namah:
Dear Smt Raji Sridhar,
Your question made me enjoy Sri Rama's KalyANa guNAs.
He was Lord's incarnation. dharmO vigrahavaan. Still, He hid the Lordship 
qualities in Him during this avtaar. AtmAnAm mAnusham manyE rAmam 
dasarathAthmajam. He called himself as just son of Darasaratha, a mere human 

When VisheeshaNan surrenders to Rama, Ramam being dharmO vigrahavaan, letss 
other key personnel in His group to give their opinions. That is His 
Greatness. He could have simply said, "I know. No body need to talk. I am 
accepting VibheeshaNan. " Knowing Rama's valour others would have swallowed 
their words that they had in their minds.

Sugreevan said, "He is from the enemy's camp; His own brother; It is a 
tactical move on RavaNan to send him here. Also, He has got a very dangerous 
weapon with him.

(what visheeshaNan had was only a gadhA in his hand. nothing else. how could 
that be a very dangerous weapon which can destroy Rama. (vyAkhyAna 
chakravartthi Sri Periyavaacchaan PiLLai in his Ramayana thanislOkam 
vyAkhyAnam says: Sugreeva did not mean the gadhA as the dangerous weapon. He 
meant that posture of VibheeshaNan.. "anjali mudhrA" and tears rolling won 
his cheeks.. That anjali mudrA and uttering "saraNam" perforing SaraNAgathy, 
is the most dangerous weapon to conquer Rama! (what a beautiful 

It is Rama's kalyAna gunA' sowseelyam to have asked for Sugreevan's 
HanumAn's comments before he decides. Rama was a king; Sugreevan was also a 
king; Rama had actually sought Sugreevan's help in his venture. So it was 
natural for Rama to have asked others for their opinions.

Sugreevan said" He ie bad with wrong intention. Do not accept him.
Hanumaan said, "He is good; He helped me (when I was captured.). Accept him.

Rama said, "I take Sugreevan's statement as well as Hanumaan's. I will take 
Sugreevan's statement "he is bad":. Hanumaan's statement "Accept him."

Rama says."anyone who surrenders- whoever that being is- it is my vow to 
protect him (or it)." our AchAryAs have been moved by the this categorical 
declaration and pledge and always glorify this in their Sri Sookthis. The 
meaning of this slokA (sakrdEva prapannAya ... vratham mama.") is: That 
individual who has surrendered himself only once pleading that he is to be 
protected, to him, I assure complete protection and this is my vow."

Later Rama immediately performed VibheeshaNa pattAbhishEkam then and there 
befroe even winning over Ravanan. I have heard this is upanyasam. It seemss 
Sugreevan asked as to why he did that? What will happen if tomorrow Ravanan 
comes and surrenders? You have already made VisheeshaNan the king.

Rama answered." I will give Ravanan (if he comes and surrenders) ayOdhyA.." 
(what a quality and kalyANa guNA!) [It is not even Rma's kingdon now. It is 
Bharatha's (or PadhukA's)How could Rama say that? Rama's brothers are not 
like other brothers .. namely, Sugreevan, Vaali; Ravanan, VibheeshaNan, et 
al. Here they are daasa bhUthars and Sesha bhUthars.]
Please forgive me for my indulgence. Learned scholars correct /supplement 
SrI SeethalakshaNa Hanumath samEtha Sri Ramachandra parabrahmaNE namah:
Narayana Narayana
NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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Subject: Re: Clarification on VibheeshaNa and Bharatha's SaraNagathi
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 08:10:36 -0800 (PST)

Pranams Sriman Madhavakannan

After reading this one doubt arised. Hope you will

When Lord knows saranagati made by vibhishenan was
correct as per  perfect sastra vihita(even if a
jeevatma didn't surrender as per sastra, Lord would
take that jeevatma also) and He also knows that He is
going to take him, Why did Lord asked every others

raji sridhar

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