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Re: English Translations.

From: suderson (
Date: Thu Dec 06 2001 - 21:27:26 PST

anantha praNAma to all bhAgavathAs.
U vE SrimAn (late) SrirAma BhArathi, founder of
satagOpan ThirunArAyanan divya prabhandha pAthasAla at
Jalladaiyanpettai on the outskirts of chennai has
publshed his magnum opus "the sacred book of four
thousand" - a full translation of the 4000 hyms in
English - pAsuram by pAsuram. He has also earlier
released literature on araiyar sEvai and Alwar tales
for children etc. The entire Divya prabhandam rendered
as songs (tuned by him) are available in the form of
cassettes. These cassettes are intended for self
learning and are hence rendered like a tutorial.
The revered Dharmapathni of the swAmi is still
continuisng with the yeoman service of the pAthasala
and the mission of spreading Alwars' Bhkathi cult in
the way Alwar instructed (ezhundhum parandhum
thullAdAr", nAdu nagaramum nagriya .... pAdum
manamudaia..") and preached by sriman nAthamuni.

The sacred book of four thousand may be obtained from
the pAthasala at the following address. Needless to
say that the proceedings from the sale of the book
goes for the noble cause of srivaishnavism.

SatagOpan ThirunArAyanan divya prabhandha pAthasAla 
Selvamudaiyaan pettai,
Kanchipuram District,
Phone :- 2460527

rAmAnuja dAsan

--- psrinivasan99 <> wrote:
> > It would be very nice of the works of Acharya Sri
> > Ramanuja were made available on the Internet for
> > downloading, with English translations and
> commentary
> > by current Acharyas or learned scholars in the
> > Vishishtadvaita tradition.
> > 
> I too am looking for core Vishishtadvaita Vedanta
> works on the web. 
> While some short translations are found at
>, a full 
> translation of the works would be a nice idea. 
> We could look at works such as:
> Sribhashya
> Vedantha samgraha
> Atmasiddi of Yamuna Muni
> Githa bhasya
> Sudarsana Suri's gloss on Sribhashya
> Brhadaranyaka Up.
> Mandukya Up.
> Chandogya Up.
> etc.
> While we are at it, why not a full English
> translation of 
> Thiruvoymozhi and other Prabhandhas?
> If we could do it as a team, I would be glad to take
> up some portion 
> of the service. Any takers?
> In service,
> P.Srinivasan
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