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From: P.V. Ravi (
Date: Thu Dec 06 2001 - 19:34:24 PST

Dear Bhaktas,
Recently I went to Alagarkoil. Earlier also I have
gone there several times. I cannot understand why the
main entrance is blocked and Karuppannaswamy is
Also i find in south of tamil nadu Karuppanaswamy is
considered as a vaishnavaite deity. 
i am not clear about the background. 
Can any of the bhaktas kindly clarify?

'Iruppidam Vaikundam Maliruncholaiyenum Poruppidam
Mayanukkenbar Nalloor. Avai thammodum iruppidum
vanthiruppidam mayan ramnusan vanthiruppidam en
idhayathulle thankkinburave'

kidnly forgive if I am wrong.
Srimathe Ramnujaya Namha.
Adiyen Dasan

Purisai Nadathur Ravi

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