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Srimath ChinnAndavan Life History - Part IV

From: venkat sreenivasan (
Date: Thu Dec 06 2001 - 09:06:02 PST

Tomorrow, Dec. 7, 2001(KArthigai - Magam) is the Thirunakshatram 
day of Srimath ChinnAndavan - Sri PAdukA sEvaka rAmAnuja mahA 

Let us all recite this mahan's thaniyan on His thirunakshatram day. 

Sriman naatha muneendra yaamuna muni Srisamya mindraathmanaha
Sri Srivasa muneendra dEsika maNE: praapthaaga maanthath dvayam
Sri rangEsha padhE thadharpithaBHaram Sri paadukasevaka
Sri raamaanuja yoginam guruvaram vandhe dayaasaagaram

This is the Continuation of Posting on Life History of
Srimath ChinnAndavan. This is the Fourth Volume in the

vEnkatanAthan SreenivAsan
Srimath Andavan Thiruvadi


When SrinivAsarAghavan swami received the "ThirumaNN katti", He looked at 
it and took it to his gruham and 
applied "Sri ChoorNam" to it and wrapped the "ThirumaNN
katti" back into banana leaf and prayed to the disciple to 
hand it over to Srimath pEriAndavan. 

When the disciple went back and reported the incident to 
Srimath pEriAndavan, pEriAndavan was very much pleased and 
decided that SrinivAsarAghavan swAmi was the right person to 
succeed Him as the AchAryA of the pEriAsramam. In the 
meantime, pEriAndavan's health deteriorated.

After a few days, SrinivAsarAghavan swAmi went back to 
Srirangam from vELianallur and prostated before srimath 
pEriAndavan and prayed to him that he be granted 
sanyAsA. With great modesty, he went through the explanation 
of qualification of oneself to take up sanyAsA thereby 
indicating his readiness for the same. Like Vibheeshana's 
conversation with Lord Sri Rama, swAmi told srimath 
pEriAndavan that he did "Sarvasanga parithyAgam", 
completely renouncing samsAra bhandham and prayed to Srimath 
pEriAndavan to grant Him sanyAsA. Srimath pEriAndavan was 
filled with extreme happiness to have chosen the right 
successor and granted SrinivAsarAghavan swAmi , sanyAsA on 
an auspicious day. He was given the title "Sri PAdukA sEvaka 
rAmAnuja mahA dEsikan". 

( To be Continued ....)

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