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Srimath ChinnAndavan Life History - Part III

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Date: Thu Dec 06 2001 - 08:08:10 PST

Tomorrow, Dec. 7, 2001(KArthigai - Magam)  is the Thirunakshatram day of Srimath 
ChinnAndavan - Sri PAdukA sEvaka rAmAnuja mahA dEsikan. 

Let us all recite this mahan's thaniyan on His thirunakshatram day. 

Sriman naatha muneendra yaamuna muni Srisamya mindraathmanaha
Sri Srivasa muneendra dEsika maNE: praapthaaga maanthath dvayam
Sri rangEsha padhE thadharpithaBHaram Sri paadukasevaka
Sri raamaanuja yoginam guruvaram vandhe dayaasaagaram

This is the Continuation of Posting on Life History of
Srimath ChinnAndavan. This is the Third Volume in the

vEnkatanAthan SreenivAsan
Srimath Andavan Thiruvadi


Taking up sanyAsa

When swami was in vELianallur observing his panca kala anushtAnams and 
leading a very regimented life of a true srivaishnava paramAIkAnthi, Srimath 
PeriAndavan due to His severe penance and austere life became very 
emaciated. For the sampradaya to continue to flourish and grow, Srimath 
pEriAndavan wanted to choose His successor and hence decided to conduct 
a test for the same. He decided that whoever successfully qualified in his 
“pareekshA” would succeed him as the next AchAryA of pEriAsramam. So He 
decided to do this to three of His most qualified sishyAs who underwent 
kAlakshEpams under Him and were explempary scholars in their own right. 

SrinivAsarAghavan swami was one of those sishyAs, Srimath pEriAndavan wanted 
to test. So He commanded one of his disciples to prepare 3 individual sets of  
“ThirumaNN katti” wrapped in a banana leaf and asked him to hand it over to 
his 3 sishyAs. He also commanded his disciple to know their reaction and 
feedback upon receiving the same and asked him to duly report back the proceedings. 
Except SrinivAsarAghavan swami, the other two sishyAs received the material and 
said to him that it was Srimath pEriAndavan’s blessings that they received it and 
kept it as their treasure. 

( To be Continued .......)


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