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Re: SriManavalaMamunigal
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 09:36:17 PST


We learnt a lot about Vedanta Desika's works, his life history etc. Would
it be right for Tennacharya sampradaya people to object to depiction in
certain versions, some portions of his life which they may feel does not
give respect to their aacharyas or ones which tend to belittle their

Respected Members of Bhakthi list,

For clarification, I would like to point out that Swami Desikan is very
much an  Acharya for Tennacharya sampradayam . People like PBA Swami,
Puttur Swami  has given many proofs from Swami Desikan's works to disprove
the some claims of later day Vadakalai Acharyas. To my little mind, I have
a feeling like Swami Desikan and his works were  totally 'hijacked' for
sectarian causes by later day acharyas for their own ends.

The main reason  for this I feel is get some control /Mariyadai' in temple
affairs. As Karl Marx as said , All the struggle in this world has some
economic dimension, I feel this struggle too was made big due to some
economic necessities by later day acharyas.

I am sure I may  accrue  abacharam by pointing fingers towards Sri
Vaishnava Acharyas. Yet we need to analyze this issue from rational angle
as well.

On one hand refusal by Tennacharya sect  to allow kaimkaryam towards
Vadakalais have resulted in Vadakalai acharyas  mobilizing money and man
power to construct Swami Desikan Sannadhis everywhere in the country. (No
one bothered about the his sannidhi  in his avatara sthalam untilthe
temple came under their control or his sanndhis in other divya desams)

On the other hand, there is a genuine fear by tennacharya sect that even a
little room given to the other sect would result in change in status quo,
temple control, Tiruman  etc. The case in point is recent controversy over
change in Tiruman in Udayavar's thirudandam and 'suggestions' to change
tiruman just because the most of the financiers are from one sect.

Few years back in Sriperumbudur one wealthy jain family wanted to donate
money for Sriperumbudur temple ,but wanted to some 'religious service' in
the sanndihi.The jeeyar at Sriperumbudur immediately refused  since the
philosophy of Sri Ramanuja is much against Jainism.

To ensure both the sects to get equal kaimkaryam rights, I strongly
believe that 'Elders' in both the sampradayam
should re engineer their thoughts and agenda and the 'youngsters' and
particularly   'recently christened' Sri Vaishnavas should  first
concentrate on learning granthams rather than wasting time in Jingoism.

I am sure I have committed some amount if abhacharam  in writing this
mail. Yet, as one of the older members of this list, I am not able to
simply watch what is going on here.

Please consider my post for what is written rather than who has written



KM Narayanan

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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