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Srimath ChinnAndavan Life History - Part II

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Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 08:49:06 PST

Dear Bhagavathas,

This is the Continuation of Posting on Life History of
Srimath ChinnAndavan. This is the second Volume in the

vEnkatanAthan SreenivAsan
Srimath Andavan Thiruvadi


Incident in kAlakshEpam

More than 70 vidwAns used to attend the kAlakshEpa
goshti of Srimath pEriAndavan. As a general norm
during the kAlakshEpam, goshti would very keenly
observe the rendering of their AchAryan and whatever
doubts they may have  would get them cleared after its
completion for that day. They would not indulge in any
kinds of discussion or debate when it was in progress.
This tradition was unfortunately broken once when the
sishyAs got engaged in a debate and lengthy
discussions even in the presence of Srimath
PeriAndavan. Srimath pEriAndavan   felt upset and told
the audience that he would not render the kAkakshEpam
and hence left the place. All the sishyAs felt very
bad about the incident and later proceeded to their
destination. But SrinivAsarAghavan swami was pained
beyond one can imagine and He never moved from the
place where he sat during the kAlakshEpam. Obviously
he was gloom personified and got very much distressed
for the apachAram that got committed inadvertently by
all the sishyAs in front of their revered AchAryA. 

Srimath pEriAndavan came to know about this and called
for SrinivAsarAghavan swami. He was very happy to see
SwAmi’s AchArya bhakti and His VairAghya and He gladly
resumed rendering kAlakshEpam to his beloved sishyA.

British Raj’s Respect towards swami

Knowing the profound mastery swami had on all the
vEdAs, sAstrAs, kalpa sutras and other scriptures,
british raj made use of swAmi’s immense knowledge on
these subjects, approaching Him and asking for His
guidance in their task of constituting various laws
based on Hindu philosophy specifically in the areas of
manu smriti and yAjyavalkyA smriti.

(To be Continued .......)

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