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Re: apachAram
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 00:12:20 PST

Sri VRS:  I have been rude and succumbed to anger in my
previous message.  Please forgive me for these offences.
However I am not a knowledgeable person and have little to
be arrogant about.  If I were knowledgeable then I would be
writing about mamunigaL's works instead of trying to defend
myself.  With this said, permit me to explain my analogy.

In the 1960s, DMK activists used this analogy to justify
their stance on Tamil Vs Hindi.  It is a borrowed analogy.
Moreoever, it is exactly that - an analogy.  For example,
one of the Srirangam AchAryas (I forget whether it was AMP
or mamunigaL) has stated that one who prescribes bhakti
yoga is like someone holding onto a raft with one hand,
and paddling with the other - while the prapannan calmly
rides a boat across the river.  Are we supposed to think
then, that they meant that vedanta desikan or the kanchi
AchAryas didn't know how to ride a raft??

This is the kind of inference being drawn from my analogy.
What I meant to say was that might is not right, and that
those who are in a numerical minority - don't automatically
become wrong.  I am very, very surprised to find someone
equating these constructs to real-life groups of people -
not to mention my shock and disbelief that the analogy had
so severely hurt at least one person.  I am extremely sorry
about this sad turn of events.  If the larger bhakti list
community too, is offended by this analogy then I request
forgiveness from everybody.  Like they say in the movies,
any resemblance with real-life characters - is purely
coincidental and is unintended.  Hope you understand.

-Srinath C.

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