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From: venkat ramanujam srinivasan (
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 21:27:47 PST

Shri, Mani, Shri Srinath and other Bhagavathas,
This list has been doing a wonderful job. I do not want to be the reason for spoiling it. Ofcourse, I could not bear  Shri.Srinath's rat - tiger analogy. Maybe I have over reacted. But I  consider it as Bhagavad Sankalpam, since it has made me realize the repercussions. I promise I will be more cautious here afterwards. It is a lesson for all of us not to over react and over do things. From my side I beg forgiveness for any Apacharam, hurt I have caused to the learned moderate members of this group. If I am  responsible for the deterioration in the healthy functioning of this group, I would prefer to delist rather than be a cause for putting a spade in the healthy functioning and good service which this list is doing.
 Honestly, I learnt a lot on going through the archives. For youngsters it is the best way to learn about our sampradaya. Of-course one tends to become too emotional while writing about their aacharya. This should not be treated as bigotry nor should others try to down ride and question the same. When Sri.Venkatesh mentioned that SriManavalaMamunigal was SriRamanuja’s avatara, what hurt or insult could he have caused to the Vadagalai Sampradayam? OK they may not consider SriManavalaMamunigal in their guruparampara, but are they enemies of SriManavalaMamunigal, or had SriManavalaMamunigal done them so much harm that a depiction  of him  as SriRamanuja’s avatara, ( which meant no harm or disrespect  to SriVedanta Desika’s Sampradaya), has triggered  an immediate a rebuttal?
 We learnt a lot about Vedanta Desika's works, his life history etc. Would it be right for Tennacharya sampradaya people to object to depictions in certain versions, some portions of his life which they may feel does not give respect to their aacharyas or ones which tend to belittle their aacharyas?
 Today while the learned scholars and Yatis Shrestaas of our SriRamanuja Sampradaya like, the present pontiff of Sr Ahobila mutt give so much respect to Tennacharyas like SriBhattar, SriNampillai, SriPerivaachanPillai, and SriManvalaMamunigal,  and their works, by quoting them in their writings with respect and reverence, what right do people like me, who stand nowhere, have to create even the smallest misunderstanding and discord, which always has a snowballing effect and ends up with even the most moderate and learned people amongst us entering into verbal duet, mudslinging on each other?
 On retrospect I feel that the entire events could have been avoided even if one side had shown the slighted restraint. As SishyaA of Aacharyas who gave so much importance to Bhagavad Vishayam, I owe up the entire responsibility for the entire happenings and seek pardon for the harm this episode has done to this Bhagavad Sampradaya. Though I may not contribute anything, I should not be contributing to  causes which  create discord.

Hotheads like me should not be the cause  for undoing the effort and good work done by ShriMani, Shri.Sadagopan and others.
Once again begging forgiveness for all the Apacharam SiriyEn, may have unknowingly caused
Adiyen SriRamanuja Daasan,

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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