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Lack of anubhavam on part of emberuman

From: TV Venkatesh/FXSLF/SEC/SANMAR (
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 19:52:38 PST

srImathE rAmAnujAya namaha
srImadh varavara munayE namaha

Dear Mani,

You wrote :-
--- In bhakti-list@y..., Dan Pattangi <danp@u...> wrote:
> It is our limitation in understanding that makes us ask:
> - : Why THe Mass of Knowledge Himself wants to learn from Mamunigal.
> If we approach periyavas (Not JUST in age, but also in TRUE
> we might get to learn:
> Periyavas say: Its the Anubhavam of enjoying Thiruvaimozhi, so much
> tears are pouring out for hours together while giving and enjoying
> Mamunigal's discourses on Thiruvaimizhi.

(portion deleted)

However, what you are saying is that the Lord *literally*
lacked some anubhavas and had to go seek them from someone
else.  In other words, there was a shortcoming in His own
jnAna and Ananda forcing Him to go elsewhere.  Now, does this
really make sense in the context of innumerable statements
from Sruti, Prabandham, and Smrti that He is 'kurai onRum illAda
gOvindA', 'satykAma, satyasankalpa', 'vijnAna-ghana', 'satyam,
jnAnam, anantam'?


Please note that when it is said that perumAL did this for getting the
anubhavam, it is not at all a shortcoming on His part. This can be
explained clearly as follows :-

Take the simple logic of watching Cricket. Most of us all have the desire
to see the Cricket match. Say, you do not have a TV in your house (this is
still true in India, may not be in the US) to see this. You are always
thinking of getting this anubhavam sometime. Yes, indeed this is a kurai on
our part as jeevAtmAs and this is not with paramAtmA. But let us move a
little further. We now buy the TV and start watching the Cricket match. But
are we convinced that we now have had the anubhavam and stop here. No. We
see it more and more (No end, even if India plays in the most stupid
manner). Logically, once you have had the anubhavam, that kurai is no more
with you but you still keep on seeing the match for you love it. This is
the exact state of EmberumAn with respect to the anubhavam spoken. Yes, He
only wants the anubhavam more and more, not because He is lacking but
because He is liking. Which is why He is called as "aruLicheyAl pitthan"
and true to this title, even today, He is going behind the Divya
Prabhandams, while the vEdAs are following Him, as can be seen in any
purappAdu in any divya dEsam.

Next, amongst the cricket playing nations there are almost 100 to 150
players, but you still watch or like only Tendulkar or Lara or some X. Why
only them out of 100 or 150. Because you are so much drawn towards them for
their capability and ability and the grace with which they play. So you
watch them and celebrate them more and more and more. You have their
blow-ups hanging on the wall in your house. Here do you mean to say that
you are doing this because of lack of anubhavam. You cannot say it for you
have already experienced it. It is only out of your desire for more
experience on the same. Same is the case with paramAtmA. On seeing the
ability and the elegance with which swAmi maNavALa mAmuni delivered his
lectures, he got attracted so much that He considered him as His own
AchArya and glorified him with the world renowned thaniyan " srisailEsa
dayA pAthram.......".  This glorification of paramAtmA can be superimposed
with ourselves hanging the blow-ups of the cricketers we like, in our
house. This episode, certainly, in no way, attributes any lacking on the
part of the paramAtmA, which otherwise will contradict the words of
Sruti,smrti and et al.

AzhwAr emberumAnAr jeeyar thiruvadigaLE saraNam
adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan
Thirumalai Vinjamoor Venkatesh
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