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RE: Swami Manavalamamunigal
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 12:44:31 PST

"venkat ramanujam srinivasan" <> wrote:

> Just while we were enjoying the excellent  postings on Swami
> ManavalaMamunigal, a controversy was created by Shri.Srinath
> disputing Swami Manavala Mamunigal being Swami SriRamanujacharya's
> avatara, and making him a kalai specific aacharya.

Dear moderator and others, I ignored a similar statement made by
another member earlier but am left with no choice but to respond
this time.  Sri ramanujam, please stop posting such rubbish and
refrain from mud-slinging allegations that have no basis in fact.

For your perusal (assuming you can understand written English),
I have reproduced my original message below so you may contrast
it with your baseless accusations above.  In the future, kindly
make it a habit to read before you write, and think before you
hit <send>.  My deep reverence for mamunigaL and his avatAra
vaibhavam is a personal matter and not the public property of
those itching for cheap fights.

I am thoroughly disappointed by the lack of maturity among such
list members - where a call for restraint from aitihyam is
misquoted and assigned all sorts of twisted meanings.  It is
now clear to me - why there is such a dire shortage of writings
on this list about the actual contributions to srivaishnavam,
and the literary/devotional works of mamunigaL.  It is because
energies are wasted in these meaningless pursuits.

If you don't have the capacity to write about your pUrvAchArya's
scholarly works and intellectual contributions, then do not
waste your own time and everyone else's in performing this kind
of slanderous "mariyadhai" to the AchAryan's legacy.

-Srinath C.
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From:  xsrinath@n...
Date:  Thu Nov 29, 2001  7:51 pm
Subject:  Re: avatAras of rAmAnuja etc.

Sri Venkatesh and others with similar passionate dispositions:
adiyEn thinks it is unwise to get into kalai-specific anubhavams
about who represents the punar-avatAram of udayavar etc.  Just
so you know, SriRangaRamanuja mahAdesikan (kOzhiyAlam swAmi) was
hailed as abhinava rAmAnuja during his time in bhoolokam during
the last century.  Overlapping claims to udayavar's legacy abound,
and before asserting one's feelings so strongly one should stop
to think where the discussion is leading towards.  This is not to
dispute any particular tradition but an attempt to show equal
respect to all without making mutually exclusive claims.  We must
understand that even though there is AchArya paramparai which
attests to certain punar-avathArams, those kalakshepam traditions
are not uniformly accepted across SriVaishnavam and therefore we
must approach such controversial subjects with great caution.
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