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Srimath ChinnAndavan Life History - Part I

From: venkat sreenivasan (
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 07:55:31 PST

SrImathE ranga rAmAnuja mahA dEsikAya namaha
SrI ranganatha Divya maNi pAdhukAbhyAm namaha

Dear Bhagavathas,

Friday Dec. 7, 2001 is the Thirunakshtram day of one
of the foremost and illustrious acharyas of Srirangam
Srimath Andavan PeriAsramam, Srimath ChinnAndavan –
Sri PAdukA sEvaka rAmAnuja mahA dEsikan. 

Adiyen has made an attempt to bring out the life
history of Srimath ChinnAndavan in a series of posting
commencing with the first volume today. This has been
compiled from Panguni Pushyam malar(1981) during 74th
birthday  celebrations of H.H. Srimath Thirukkudanthai
Andavan(Kannan swamigal) and Andavan Asramam varalaru
published in 1967 by Srirangam pEriAsramam.


Let us all recite this mahan's thaniyan on His
thirunakshatram day. 

Sriman naatha muneendra yaamuna muni Srisamya
Sri Srivasa muneendra dEsika maNE: praapthaaga
maanthath dvayam
Sri rangEsha padhE thadharpithaBHaram Sri
Sri raamaanuja yoginam guruvaram vandhe dayaasaagaram

This mahAn was born in the year sarvadhari (1828), in
the month of Karthigai in a hamlet called
vELiyanallur. His janma nakshatram is Magam. He
belonged to satamarshana gothra. 

His father, Sri Krishna ThAthAchAryA. named his son as
SrinivAsarAghavan. It is a great coincidence that two
other  AchAryas  in this illustrious lineage who
adorned the peetam  were also named as
SrinivAsarAghavan in their poorvAsramam namely Srimath
PeriAndavan who was Srimath ChinnAndavan’s direct
predecessor and the other AchAryA was none other than
the famous Srimath Thirukkudanthai Andavan who was
instrumental in spreading the PeriAsrama  parampara to
length and breadth of the country and made it reach
dizzy heights of glory in our sampradaya. 

Younger days of Srimath ChinnAndavan

Sri Krishna ThAthAchArya performed upayanam and other
vaithika samskArams to his son at the right age.
SrinivAsarAghavan swami also underwent veda adhyayanam
and learnt kAvya alankAra grantham. After having
learnt them very well, He became very eager to learn
Nyaya sAstrAs and hence proceeded to Mysore. There He
met Sri Rama Sastri who was the AsthAna vidwAn of the
Mysore rAja samsthAnam. He learnt nyAya sAstrAs and
advaita philosophy under his tutelage and thus became
an exponent and a very well qualified pundit. He
continued to stay with Sri sAstri in Mysore and helped
him during his research on sAstras with his radiant
brilliance. Sometimes it was such that he even cleared
the doubts Sri sAstri encountered  on sAstraic
research and earned his awe and accolades. In
particular, swami was extremely proficient in tharka

With the rich Knowledge Swami acquired in sAmAnya
sAstrAs, He wanted to learn adhyAtma sAstrAs under a
sadhAchAryan through kAlakshEpams . He went to
Srirangam in pursuit of the same and reached the holy
hermitage of Srimath pEriAndavan who was the paragon
of GnAna and vairAghyA  and prayed at His holy feet
for the same. Observing SrinivAsarAghavan Swami,
Srimath PeriAndavan was very much pleased with His
modesty and His sAstrAic knowledge and accepted Him as
His sishya. He rendered Grantha chathustayam ( namely
Srimath Rahasya thraya sAram, Geetha BhAshyam, Sri
BhAshyam and bhagavath vishayam) and satha dhooshani
to SrinivAsarAghavan. Upon the completion of
kAlakshEpam. SrinivAsarAghavan swami went  back to

( To be continued ......)

vEnkatanAthan SreenivAsan
Srimath Andavan Thiruvadi

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