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kannanai ninaiththaalum sugame- post 17

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 04:19:08 PST

Dear Srivaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

First a word of apology. While I included the verse "kEttaRiyaadhana" and
"thiNNaar veN" I missed to mention these two verses are taken from
periyaazhvaar thirumozhi. For this, I seek your pardon.

Whenever a king is defeated, it is customary to place the crown -the
kireetam- at the feet of victor by the vanquished.  On this "pasparsa
paadhayOrEnam kireetinaarkavachasaa" says sri sukha brahmam in srimadh
bhagavatham. 2nd slokam 27th sargam x skandham poorva ardham.

In naaraayaNeeyam this is beautifully described as
thathO~vamaanOdhitha thathvabODha: suraaDhiraaja: saha dhivya gavyaa!
upEthya thushtvaa sa nashtagarva: sprushtvaa padhaabjam maNi moulinaa thE:!!
3rd slokam 64th canto
meaning: afterwards indhra for whom defeat and downfall had brought the
realisation of truth about thee, came to thee, with his celestial cow, and
began to sing thy praise touching thy feet with his crowned head.

Indhran also admits his stupidity has been shattered and surrenders at
krishnaa's feet.
thvayaa eesa anugraheethO~smi DhvasthasthmBho vruthOdhyama:!
eesvaram gurum aathmaanam thvaam aham saraNam gatha:!!
Sloka 13 chapter 27 xth skandham poorva ardham srimadh bhagavatham
Meaning: please grant me pardon. My vain vanity is shattered. You are my
lord, my teacher, my soul, I surrender to you.

Swamy dEsikan describes the indhran's surrender as
naatha thvayaa narmavihaaraBhaajaa vimOhithO viprathi saarithascha!
aakinchana: thvaam aham aasritha: san kshiptha apakaarO na
bahishkriyaarha:!! Slokam 93 chapter 7 sri yaadhava abhyudhayam

Meaning: oh lord! you made me to get this desire sportingly, after
committing a mistake, you made me repent also. I can not do on my own any
thing to remove this sin [or mistake]. So I surrender to you. Please do not
discard me but accept me.

Points: see how nicely swamy advocates the saraNaagathy principles through
indhra's mouth. First - admit I can not do any thing on my own. Then accept
committing a mistake or sin. Third repent for it. Then accept lord's
superiority and self's inability to do any praayachchiththam on own. Fifth
plead not to discard but accept me with all my sins and pardon me. Oh! what
a beauty. Whether thisis for indhra or for us? No discussion is required I

In sri vishnu puraaNam this indhra sthuthi of lord krishna is simple and put
across as
BhaaraavathaaraNaarthaaya pruthivyaa: pruthiveethalE!
avatheerNa akhilaDhaara thvamEva paramEsvara:!! 
7th slokam 12th chapter 5th amsam sri vishNu puraaNam

meaning: hey supporter of the whole world! Oh, lord of lords, you have
descended down to this world to lessen the burden on this earth.

Please note the realisation of indhran about krishna as paramEsvara: and
akhilaadhaara: the very basis of all the world and its existence.

Another beautiful point also is brought in sri vishnu puraanam that garudan
came to this world and gave shelter to lord with his spread wings, once the
lord has placed back the gOvardhana giri in its position and bright sunshine
came up after the deluge of rain. 

garudam cha dhadharsa uchchai: anthardhDhaanagatham dhvija:!
kruthachchaayam harEoorDhnim pakshaaByaam pakshipungavam!!
4th slokam 12th chapter 5th amsam sri vishnupuraanam

meaning: indhran also saw the king of birds garudan giving shade to the lord
by spreading his wings when indhran descended to reach krishna in his

Bhaagavathaas can give any other reference / place where garudan has come
into this world during krishNaavathaaram apart from this. During raasa
leelai, rishis and gandhravaas sidhdhaas came to see etc are there but
garudan visiting this world for the lord's sake is this place only, I

AaNdaaL refers this garudan coming in the sky and giving shade to krishnaa
beautifully in her 14th patti mEinthu padhigam as
maalaaip piRantha nambiyai maalE seyyum maNaaLanai
Elaaip poigaL uraippaanai ingE pOdhak kaNdeerE
mElaal parantha veyil kaappaan vinadhai siRuvan siRagennum
mElaappin keezh varuvaanai virundhaavanaththE kaNdOmE
3rd verse, 14th padhigam naachchiyaar thirumozhi

hey bhakthaas you saw a child in that krishna, I saw my husband, then we saw
the supreme lord under the wings of garudan. See the realisation of aaNdaaL-
plural - koodiirunthu kuLirnthu.

now surabhi sthuthi of the lord:
krushna krushna mahaa yOgin visvaathman visva sambhava:!
Bhavathaa lOkanaathEna sanaathaa vayam achyutha:!!
Sloka 19 chapter 27 x skandham poorva ardham srimadh bhagavatham

Meaning: oh krishna, great yOgi, the soul of all worlds, creator of the
world, you are the head and husband of all in the world. You never lets down
any body.

Since these naamaas as addressed by surabhis are found sri vishnu sahasra
naamam a listing is done as before.
PraNavam krushnaaya nama: - naama 57, 551
PraNavam visvaathmanE nama: - naama 225
PraNavam lokanaathaaya nama: - naama 735
PraNavam sanaan nama: - naama 896
PraNavam achyuthaaya nama: - naama 318, 100

Surabhi continues her sthuthi
Thvam na: paramakam dhaivam thvam na indhrO jagathpathE!
bavaaya Bhava gOvi pradhEvaanaam yE cha saadhava:!!
Slokam 20 chapter 27 x skandham poorva ardham srimadh bhaagavatham

You are the only supreme lord of us of krushna, lord of this world and not
indhra you are the lord of all cows.

Then indhran and surabhi carried out the pattabhishEkam to the lord
crowning with a new name gOvindha.

Hare krishNa gOvindha.  Few more points on this govindhanaamam in next post
and hope to conclude, with that post, this series.

Vasudevan  m.g.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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