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Date: Sat Dec 01 2001 - 07:42:33 PST

Dear members:

adiyEn requests your kind attention towards the following.

(1)  The avatAra vaibhavams of our AchAryas are not up for
     debate.  In view of the different traditions that exist
     within SriVaishnavam however, it is perhaps better to
     maintain sAtvika ahankAram (noble pride) about the many
     spiritual successors of rAmAnuja - instead of resorting
     to forceful emotions and rebuttals, which only serve to
     taint the legacy of those mahAchAryas.

(2)  It is unbecoming of individuals to cast aspersions on
     the credibility of SriVaishnavam seen in others who do
     not share their emotions and allegiances.  After all,
     it is not numbers that determine correctness - if that
     were the case then we should all turn towards advaitam,
     or even those ubiquitous babas who command such large
     followings.  Indeed if numbers make right, then perhaps
     India's national animal - the tiger, should be replaced
     by the rat which is so much more numerous.

AdiyEn once again, requests the learned audience to carefully
consider all this and not misunderstand my intentions.  I wish
to apologize in advance for any apachAram.

-Srinath C.

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