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RE: aanai pandigai / kAttikai deepotsavam
Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 22:04:41 PST wrote:

>I would like to wish all of you a joyous kArttikai deepotsavam.
>On this full moon day, when the kRttikA nakshatra is present,
>we observe a second festival of lights to celebrate the supreme
>Light who resides resplendently within our heart.  The Vedanta
>describes His effulgence as the 'param-jyOti' (supreme Light),
>'jyotishAm jyOti' (Light of lights), the Original Light of whom
>the lights of the sun and moon are mere reflections.

It is also the thirunakshatram of our beloved kaliyan (thirumangai
AzhwAr), in whose honor begins the "anadhyayanam" period for all
divyaprabandham; ended by thai hastam, swami kooraththalwan's
thirunakshatram - except for the adhyayana/vaikuntha ekadasi time
in between.  There are differences in the tradition as to when
anadhyayanam period ends, but generally none where its beginning,
(i.e. kArthikai krthikA) and where the recitation of thiruppavai
during mArkazhi maasam are concerned.  Best wishes to everyone
on this sacred occasion!!

kanchath thirumangai yugakka vandhOn vAzhiyE
kaliyanurai kudikoNda karuththudaiyOn vAzhiyE
thirumangai AzhwAr thiruvadigaLE SaraNam

adiyEn SriRangapriya daasan
-Srinath C.

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