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asmadhAchArya paryanthAm vandhE GuruparamparAm-3

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 06:26:31 PST

SrImathE GopAladEsika MahAdEsikAya Namah:

Dearest Srivaishnvas,

Please accept adiyEn’s dhaNdavath praNAmams at your feet.
SrImathE GopAladEsika MahAdEsikAya Namah:

Dearest Srivaishnvas,

Please accept adiyEn’s dhaNdavath praNAmams at your feet.

The word Guru means one who removes ignorance (agnjAnam) of spiritual 
knowledge. In Prapanna pArijAtham by SrI NadAdhoor AmmAL Guru is described 
very beautifully:

Please forgive me for my free translations (from tamil meanings)

A great Guru should be sought after by a person (disciple), immersed in 
samsaaric afflictions; who is afraid of the transitory life; the sorrows due 
to internal and external factors (AdhyAthmikam- soul dependent; 
Adhiboudhikam- extermal world dependednt; and Adhideivikam- pertaining to 
Supreme Lord). That Guru will teach and initiate the disciple with the 
necessary manthrAs and impart jnAnam.

This Guru is the Supreme Highest; he is verily Brahman (Lord); He is the 
highest of highs; He is the highest desire; He is the Highest God Himself. 
Guru is the Ultimate wealth; Guru is the knowledge; Guru is our treasure; 
Guru himself is means; Guru is the end. He needs to be worshipped at all 
times, under all circumstances; His name shall always be uttered by the 
disciple at all times.

gururEva parambrahma gururEva param dhanam;
gururEva paraa vidyA gururEva parAyaNam;
gururEva para: kAma: gururEva parAgathi:
tasmAth sathupadEshTasou thasmAth guruthamO guru: (48 Chapyter 4- Guru 

It may please be noted that though there are two sects (namely Vadakalai and 
thenkalai) in srivaishnavam, they are only different on very few subtle 
issues and both follow strictly AchArya YathirAjar- Bhagavath Ramanuja 
sampradayam in all respects with fullest sincerity.

In fact, it is the GREATEST PillailOkAcharya, who composed on AchArya Swamy 
Vedantha Desikan as:

SeeronRu thoopul thiruvEmkatamudaiyaan/ PAronRach chonna pazhamozhiyuL/ 
OronRuthaanE amaiyAdhO dhAraNiyil/  vAzhvArkku vAnERap pOmaLavum vaazhvu.

Meaning: Even one (slokA or prabhandham) of Thoopul Swamy Vedantha Desikan’s 
is enough for one to get the prApthi of Sri VaikuNtam- says lOkAchAryan.

Their respects and regards for each other are great and profound.
Sri Manavala maamunigL, had also studied Sri Bhashyam from the sishya 
parampara of Swamy Vedantha Desikan and his respect for Swamy is phenomenal. 
  Let us unite under the umbrella of Sri Bhagawath Ramanuja, the YathirAja, 
and contribute for the Thirunakshathram celebrations of the LIVING 
YATHIRAJA, Sri PaRavaakkOttai Andavan, Prakritham ANdavan of Sri 
Poundarikapuram Andavan Ashramam.

In the words of Dr. Sri V.N. Vedantha Desikan Swamin:

There is a special kind of link between the Ahobila Mutt and Sri 
Poundarikapuram Andavan Asramam deserves mention in this connection. Down 
from 1750 to this day the Acharya hierarchy is unbroken, uniquely continuous 
in this Asramam.  The Acharyas are also native to the school; inbred and 
brought up by Kalakshapam / invitation by earlier Pontiffs at some time.  
Once a gap occurred in the Ahobila Mutt; for some five years (1900-1905).  
The Poundarikapuram Andavan of this Asramam had proudly helped in securing a 
deserving candidate and giving him Sannyasa – order and installing him as 
the Pontiff (the 38th).  This happened in 1905.

Also with regard to Srimad Andavan PeriAshramam: Till about 1890's there was 
only one Andavan Asramam, situated somewhat near further up-stream the  
coleroon.  Sri Andavan, particularly called Peria Andavan had many 
disciples, among whom two were Tatacharya cousins;  Sri Valianallur Andavan 
is the one finding a place in the hierarchy of Sri Poundarikapuram Asramam.  
The other pontiff, Sri Chinnandavan headed the Mela (or Peria) Asramam.  The 
two were naturally intense friends [only incidentally I would mention that 
my aunt - the daughter of Sri Navanitam Swami had been given in marriage to 
Sri V R S Tatacharya, the grandson of Sri Chinnandavan.  This gentleman was 
more than a son-in-law to my grandfather!].  Certain circumstances might 
have necessitated the setting up of this new Asramam for Sri Poundarikapuram 
Andavan but we - the modern educated disciples ought to bear in mind that 
the more there are Acharyas, the more they serve the religious cause in a 
broad canvas.  It is relevant to mention that Sri Vinnatrangarai Swami was 
accepted as same teacher by Sri Thenbarai Andavan (of Peria asramam), since 
the latter had a feeling of regret that he had not mastered his own Sakha, 
same veda!

Very interestingly, in the Sannyasa life too, Sri Vinnatrangarai Andavan 
exhibited great concern for the health (that was rapidly declining) of Sri 
Thenbarai Andavan (1960's).  Everyday he would walk to and fro.  What it 
means is that he should take bath every time on return!  Once indeed, a 
moving event occurred, Sri Vinnatrangarai Andavan walks to Peria Asramam, 
meets Sri Kannan Swami on the way, learnt that the latter was going to 
Madras on some urgent work since the Thenbarai Andavan's health would 
sustain life for some three days, but Sri Vinnatrangarai Andavan warns the 
latter that it was not so, takes him back to the Asramam and almost 
influences him to take to the saffron order.  Yes, it was urgently 
necessary.  Readers would realise the risk, the confusion, etc.  That often 
results on the successor not taking over immediately without a gap in time.

Indeed on later occasions, Sri Vinnatrangarai Andavan used to congratulate 
Sri Thirukkudanthai Andavan on the growth, expansion, increasing affluence, 
etc. of his Asramam, with a legitimate satisfaction that He himself had 
worked for it by forcing Sri Kannan Swami to accept Sannyasa at the right 

How I wish disciples of both the Asramams bear this in mind and help the 
cordial spirit to grow ever and ever.  There is - and there can be - no 
reason for any other feeling between two such parallel and allied streams of 
spiritual propagation, working for the same goals of spiritual uplift of 
society according to the great, common, heritage both inherit.

We are planning to celebrate the Satabhishakam (the 80th Anniversary) of H. 
H. Sri Paravakottai Andavan for five days in March 2001 at Srirangam.  
Monthly celebrations are also going on.  It is the duty of all 
spiritually-minded persons to contribute their mite towards this 
celebration.  To place the Asramam free from want, to make it 
self-sustaining, we wish to build a sold fixed edifice.  Disciples or 
non-disciples do not have a distinction herein. (Thanks to Sri Dr. VN 
Vedantha Desikan Swamin for giving permission to make use of his article.)

I humbly request with my folded hands to each Bhagawatha of this list, to 
contribute your mite for the 81st Jayanthi celebration. Please pay your 
obeisance by contributing your mite and donate generously to the cause of 
the 81st Tirunakshatram celebrations planned for March 24-31, 2001. 
from the USA are tax exempt. Please mail your checks to

c/o Smt. Nagu Satyan,
7821 W Alder Drive
Littleton, CO 80128

Please indicate on the memo of your check that your contribution
is for Srimad Poundarikapuram Ashramam.

For those in India, please send the cheque or drafts in favour of "S.P.A.V 
Truct, 81st Jayanthi a/c and send to Srikaryam, Srimad Poundarikapuram 
Andavan Ashramam, 43- A/13, Asramam Road, Srirangam, TRICHY.  PIN 620006, 
AchAryan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana
AchAryan Thiruvadi

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