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Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 21:11:48 PST

             srimate rAmAnujA ya Namah
Your site is indeed serving the sri Vaishanvite's yeoman 
service and I, S.Govindrajan resident of Mumbai was drawn to this egroup. 
Presently, as the Vice President of the Sri Vedantha Desika Sampradaya 
Sabha, Mumbai, I wanted to take this oppourtnity of getting involved with 
learned peers in Sri. Vaishnavism and the modern youth thru the e-medium. 
This would also give us the opportunity to be proactive in uniting all like 
minded people and provide a platform for the present modern youth and elders 
alike, to acquire, assimilate and analyse the vedantic philosophies 
propounded by our Alwars and Acharyas. Sri. Vedantha Desika Sampradaya Sabha 
would shortly be releasing book in  english,  Commentary on TAITTRIYA 
UPANISHAD by Prof. Narayanachar of Belgaum.Sabha has also reprinted a small 
hand book on the Nitya Aradhana Kramam

Having had the privilage of getting samarshanam done with Sri.U.Ve. uttamur 
Veeraraghavachariar about 26 years ago, I am  in quest of suitable acharyan 
for Bharanyasam and Prabatti. In the absense of a successor to Sri. Veeraraghavachariar, I seek clarification on the plight of 
Bhakta's who have had the preliminaries done with SWAYAMACHARYARS. Can some 
one throw some light ?

Dasan Govindrajan
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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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