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An appeal for the 21st Century on behalf of the Bhakthi List Membership

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 18:34:06 PST

Dear Fellow Members of the Bhakthi List :

It has been my privelege to be a Member of
Bhakthi List , which is unique in many ways.
Sri Mani Varadarajan  has done yeoman service in 
growing it to a forum , where BhakthAs from all over 
the world come to enjoy the greatness of Sri VaishNavam
and the Bhakthi Movement associated with great AzhwArs
and AchAryas .We owe him a great debt for the fair minded 
way in which he encourages people to participate  
in a spirit of inclusivity , while making absolutely 
clear about the fundamental purpose of this discussion 
group and what it is all about.

Many BhakthAs have grown richer in the understanding of 
our most revered SampradhAyam from the postings of 
the fellow members and the mutual dialogs that they have 
established in private and public .This is a very precious 
thing .Some of the BhakthAs have gone on to receive 
pancha samskAram and BharanyAsam from a SadAchAryan.
Some have quit lucaritive jobs here to return to India 
to nurture further their knowledge about the SampradhAyam 
under a SadAchAryan through the traditional way of 
KaalakshEpam.Many have supported Sri VaishNavite causes 
from here significantly and have participated 
generously in many projects dear to Sri VaishNava 
community.. They feel fulfilled.I am thrilled to think about 
all these enormous transformation in many lives .

The vibrant activities at many parts of the globe today 
by Overseas Sri VaishNavA communities (At Singapore , 
Middle East,Oceania et al ) have original links to
the Bhakthi forum .

I joined this forum in June 1995 and I have been fortunate to
meet outstanding BhakthAs at every level of sophistication
and familiarity with our SampradhAyam and Sri Sookthis.
I have personally learnt a lot from many of them .

Occasionally shrill voices are heard that disturbs the main
tenor and tranquility of these discussions. While the enthusiasm of
the proponent of a particular point of view is understandable ,
it is not acceptable to go about hurting the feelings of 
devout members and make them extremely uncomfortable .This 
is the last thing that a true Sri VaishNavan will do or
his or her SadAchAryan will encourage them to do. The well
intended observations end up being diatribes and pontifications
and corrections of minor points to have the last word as it were.
It becomes not only tiring but they cause irreparable damage 
to civil dialog .It is one thing to elaborate on intricacies
of doctrines in  a private assembly , but it is another thing
to be so insensitive to the feelings of fellow BhakthAs 
in a rough and tumble manner in public , when it comes to
sensitive subjects . There is a lot that unites us as 
devotees of Sriman NaarAyaNA and servants to AchAryAs 
and BhagavathAs. We are dedicated to serve our AchAryAs 
and BhagavathAs and follow the righteous path that
they have carved out for us .Bhaagavatha/AchArya 
Kaimkaryam comes first and even Kaimkaryam to BhagavAn 
comes next in our sampradhAyam .Our Lord Himself has stated 
this very clearly at many places.

May I suggest that we make a new year (new Milleneum)
resolution to be sensitive regarding our writings in 
public forums about points that will end up hurting
others and control our impulses to "straighten " out 
and "settle " matters once and for all . There is no
such thing in this pluralistic world . We can be firm
in our view points , but explanations with thoughtfulness 
will go a long way to present points of view that are 
important for us to understand and cherish.If some
topic is very sensitive for public discussions , please 
do not get started in the first place. 

With best wishes for a New year of Bhagavath-Bhaagavatha
Kaimkaryams and Sathsangams with respect for each other ,

RaamAnuja Daasan , SeelamilA SiRiyOn , V.Sadagopan  


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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