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asmadhAchArya paryanthAm vandhE GuruparamparAm-2

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Dec 22 2000 - 22:32:04 PST

SrImathE GopAladEsika MahAdEsikAya Namah:

Dearest Srivaishnvas,

Please accept adiyEn’s dhaNdavath praNAmams at your feet.

The role of an AchArya in guiding a human being towards salvation can hardly 
be exaggerated. Chandogya Upanishad, Kashyapa samhitha and many other works 
emphasize AchArya’s part in shaping a disciple and his future.

GithAchAryan Sri Krishna tells Arjuna:

Tadhviddhi praNipAthEna pariprashnEna sEvyayA |
UpadEshyanthi thE jnAnam jnAninasthatha dharshina:

Learn by prostrating and questioning and by service to jnAnis (who have 
seen- realized   the truth) who will teach you this jnAnam. One of the most 
essential requirements for a srivaishnava, thus, in order to lead a 
religious life is to have a well qualified AchArya or Guru ( a spiritual 

The term AchArya implies: one who acquires philosophic knowledge (jnAnam) by 
the proper study of saashthrAs; by imparting such jnAnam that He had 
acquired to His disciples makes them adopt the religious life fully in 
accordance with or as laid down by saashthrAs; and one who follows the 
saasthrAs himself. Yaangnyavalkya smruthi says:

AchinOthi cha saasthrArthAn AchArE sthApayathyapi;
Swayam AcharathE yasmAth thasmAth AchArya uchyathE

AchAryan should not only practice what he preaches; He also makes sure that 
his sishyas too practice what he teaches.  Our AchArya lineage does not end 
or begin some time or other in the past. It traces back to Sriya: Pathi 
Sriman Narayanan. It is not a thAnthOnRi (self styled) lineage. It does not 
utter any statement an iota away from Vedic hymns. It is the most accurate 
interpretation of Vedas, which does not violate any Vedic statement. It is 
the one firmly propounded by Bhagavath Ramanuja and expounded by Swamy 

And in this AchArya lineage comes our AchArya saarvabhouman Sri 
Poundarikapuram Andavan Asramam Srimad Andavan H.H Sri Gopaladesika 
mahadesikan Swamy. There is no substitute to show our gratefulness to the 
AchArya except to fall at his sacred  feet again and again ( puna: puna : 
PraNamya ).

Please pay your obeisance by contributing your mite and donate generously to 
the cause of the 81st Tirunakshatram celebrations planned for March 24-31, 
2001. Contributions
from the USA are tax exempt. Please mail your checks to

c/o Smt. Nagu Satyan,
7821 W Alder Drive
Littleton, CO 80128

Please indicate on the memo of your check that your contribution
for Srimad Poundarikapuram Ashramam.

For those in India, please send the cheque or drafts in favour of "S.P.A.V 
Truct, 81st Jayanthi a/c and send to Srikaryam, Srimad Poundarikapuram 
Andavan Ashramam, 43- A/13, Asramam Road, Srirangam, TRICHY.  PIN 620006, 

Narayana Narayana
AchAryan Thiruvadi
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