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Re: Selected excerpts from MahA VidvAn Sri U.Ve. PerukkAraNai Swamy's ThiruppAvai Monograph: Part XIII-> Sixth day : PuLLUm Silampina KaaNN dinam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Dec 21 2000 - 07:21:26 PST

Sriamthyai Godhayai Nama:
SrimathE RaamAnujAya Nama:

Dear BhakthAs:

>From the sixth to the fifteenth paasuram ,
Bhaagaavtha ThirupaLLiyezucchi (awakening of 
the devotees of Lord Krishna )are covered.
Ten important bhakthais deeply involved with
KrishNa anubhavam are woken up to participate
in the Paavai nOnbhu. Each of the Ten important devotees
of KrishNa are awakened with one paasuram (6-15).
In this sixth paasuram, the first one to be 
awakened is a young Gopi , who is a novice in
devotion to and love for KrishNa.She does not 
know the difference between Bhagavath  and 
Bhaagavatha anubhavam due to her youth (JananyAcchAr).

"yEka svAdhu bhunjItha, bhunjItha cha dasabhi: saha"
says Saasthram. The parama bhOgya vasthus should not
be enjoyed alone. They must be enjoyed with tens (many)
people" .If that were so for worldly pleasures , then
the enjoyment of the greatest of pleasures -- enjoyment
of the anantha kalyANa guNams of the Lord-- must be 
done with thousands of like-minded adiyArs of the Lord.
Swamy NammAzhwAr refers to the same , when he describes 
the aananthAnubhavam of perumAL sEvai at Sri Vaikuntam:
" vanthavaethir koLLa maamaNi maNTapatthu,
  anthamil pErinbatthu ADIYORADI IRUNTHAMAI" 
(Sri PBA Swamy anubhavam).

Therefore ANDAL and Gopis awaken many represented
by the level of spiritual perfection of this Gopi
to join in the enjoyement of Bhagavath
GuNAnubhavam and Kaimkaryam to Him.

The Meaning of the Sixth Paasuram (V.S)
Awaken , Oh Young girl! Even the birds have woken up
and are chirping about the arrival of the morning .Do n't 
You hear the loud and sacred sound from the white conch 
being blown at the temple of our Lord , who rides on 
the divine GarudA ? Oh Young girl ! Wake up!  . 
The Yogis and Sages with minds known for uninterrupted 
contemplation of our great Lord celebrated for His 
adhbhutha leelais such as:

(1)destroying evil Poothanai by suckling her poisonous 
milk-bearing breast  and at the same time sucking her 
life away
(2)destroying a cunning asuran , who came in the form
of a cart by splintering him into pieces with a swift
kick from His tiny (baby) toe . 

He(Our Lord) is the primal cause of the whole Universe . 
He sleeps on AdhisEshan in Yoga NidhrA at the milky ocean . 
The Yogis and sages have now come out of their meditation 
slowly and are reciting the name of Lord Hari loudly 
for seven times.The crescendo of that Hari Naama UccharaNam 
resounds like thunder and enters into our hearts and 
pleases us. Does it n't that aravam  enter your heart too?
Oh Young girl! Please Awaken and join us in the nOnbhu !

The Inner Meanings of this Paasuram

PuLLum Silampina          The Lord who took HamsAvathAram
KaaNN                     and the bird like AchAryAs (Parama
                          HamsAs) , who have received His 
                          anugraham , are performing upadEsam 
                          for us now.

PuLLarayan Koil           For us like Pakshis ( little birds) and 
                          Pasus(helpless Janthus), that one ,
(white conch) present in the ashtAkshara 
                          roopa temple of the Lord (is blowing)

VeLLai ViLI Sankham       That one (Sankham), which is the embodiment 
                          of satthva guNam and which instructs
                          us on all the rahasyArthams (is sounding).

pEr aravam kEttilayO?     Have n't you heard of that majestic
                          naatham of the white conch ? Its sound 
                          delievers us the message :(1) EmperumAn 
                          is Sarva-Seshi,the Supreme Lord (Swami) 
                          of us all(2)We,the chEthanams , are His 
                          seshans(eteranl servants ). Have n't
                          you heard that uplifting message?

PiLLAi YezhunthirAi        Please discard your childish attitude
                           that the Supreme Lord and You are
                           one and the same and gain true 
                           knowledge about Your Master-servant 
                           relationship with Him and awaken !

pEy mulai nanjunDu         Of those (AchAryAs), who destroy 
                           the avidhyai named Poothanai , 
                           which is the cause of ahankAram 
                           and mamakAram in us

kaLLa chakatam             Of those (AchAryAs),who control and
kalakka azhiya kaal        prevent our body (cart)drawn by
Occhi                      the indriyAs from running in destructive
                           directions thru their intervention

VeLLattharavil Thyuil      Of those(AchAryAs),who do not have 
amarntha                   any desire of swimming in the samsAra 
                           saagaram full of fierce snakes(Taapams) 

Vitthinai                  Of those great (AchAryAs) , who set us on
                           our journey in the Moksha maargam(path)
                           by being the seed of AchAram & anushtAnam

uLLatthil koNDu            meditating on them (on those AchAryAs),
MunivarkaLum YogikaLum     the two kinds of prapannAs recognize
mella Yezhunthu            clearly their insufficencies to practise 
                           Bhakthi Yogam(One kind of prapannan is
                           known for Bhagavath guNAnubhavan and 
                           the other known for Kainkarya anubhavam
                           or Karma yOga nishtai ).

Hari YenRa pEraravam       approach the Lord and loudly request 
                           Him to eliminate the Paapams and PuNyams ,
                           which are the seeds of SamsAric 
                           afflictions (approach AchAryan as
                           Moksha bheeja BhUthan)

uLLam Puhunthu             That aartha naatham ( sufferer's loud
                           cry) of the PrapannAs entered through
                           the Lord's(AchAryA's) ears and reached 
                           His (their)heart(s).

KuLirnthu                  That sound reaching the Lord's heart
                           made Him happy and contented ; That 
                           anubhavam of the Lord (Achaaryan)
                           made Him PrasAdha-Visishtan for us. 
                           Hearing this uplifting message and its 
                           effect on our Lord(AchAryan) , Oh Girl , 
                           please awaken and join in the Nonbhu !

Additional Meanings for individual words
A.The addressing of the Gopi Here as "PiLLAi" 
Four Views:
(1) This Gopi being awakened is a novice in
Bhagavath-BHAgavatha anubhavam .The highest 
among the bhakthAs of the Lord is the One , who
has Bhaagavatha Bhakthi (devotion to the Lord's
devotees). This Gopi is not there yet and She has
PiLLaitthanam ( attributes of a novitiate).Her
BhAgavatha Bhakthi is not ripe and needs growing .
Hence , She is addresed as PiLLAI ( Sri PeruKKaraNai

(2) The young ones do not know kapatam ; they are not
adept in the wily ways of life. It is a guNa visEsham
of youngsters. Therefore , this Gopi is addressed as
"PiLLAi"...Sri PBA Swamy 

(3)Our AchAryAs are also addressed as Vadakku
Thiruveethi PiLLai , Periya VaacchAn PiLLai,
NampiLLai. In this context , this Gopi who is good as 
a youngster in grasping , preserving and growing 
Bhagavath anubhavam (GrahaNa DhAraNa pOshana padur
Baala:) is given a place of respect by being addressed 
as "PiLLAi"...Sri PBA Swamy

(4) Oh Gopi! You are new to Bhagaathanubhavam.
Therefore this sleep has enwrapped you .Please
cast aside this slumber of PiLLaittanam (youth)and 
make an effort to grow further in Bhagavathanubhavam .
Please grow up in anubhava rasam and become adhikAri
in Bhagaavth anubhavam by joining this group singing
the Lord's ThirunAmams.--Sri UtthamUr Swamy 

B.Inner meanings of the Other phrases of the 6th Paasuram
according to Abhinava Desika Sri UtthamUr Swamy
(1)PuLLarayan Koil= Thirumanthram (AshtAksharam), the place
                    of preferred rsidence(Koil) of the Lord.

(2)Sanghu = The Conch there (at that temple )is PraNavam .

(3)Inn (ViLi Sankhu+inn ) = Iniya(Sweet) sound of NaarAyaNa 
                            padham in AshtAksharam.

(4)VeLLai= Satthva guNam. "VeLlai ViLi sankhin Peraravam
KettilayO?" = Have n't you heard yet the rahasyArthams
of the sweetest manthram arising from the sankha dhavni?

(5) pEy mulai najunDu= pEy is Moola prakruthi; its mulai
(breasts) are bhuddhi and ahamkAram ; nanju = the dhOshams
arising from them.

(6) KaLLa sakatam kalakkazhiya KaalOcchi= Sakatam is manOratham
(abhilAshai); That sakatam unless directed towards the Lord
is stealthy and defective ( sthEna mana: anrutha vaadhini
vaak--Vedam) . Kalakkazhippathu in this context is the 
growth of vairAgyam to eliminate the KaLLatthanam
(stealthiness) of anrutha Vaak ( untrue talk).

(7) VeLLattharavu = SamsAra BhOga pravAham

(8) Thyuil amarvathu = dircting the mind away 
from those dhukkham causing Bhogams

(9) Vithtinai ULLatthu kONDu = by treasuring that Koota-sthAna 
AchAryan/Bhagavaan deep in mind and meditating with preethi.
"ULLatthuk KoNDu" : When we get up, we uter the ame of Hari,
when we start travel, we say KesavA  , when we eat we say
GovindhA and whenw e are about to sleep, we say MadhavA ".
Lord is kept in the heart and meditated upon by 
Munis and Yogis.

(10) meLLa Yezhunthu: Hari yenRa pEraravam = arising slowly 
with the recitation of the name of Hari ( One who removes
our aj~nAnam and Viparitha Jn~Anam completely) . That Hari
naama sankIrthanam has swelled up to a loud ghOsham . Hari's 
naama mahimai has been celebrated by Haryashtakam of 
PrahlAdhan : "Taani sarvANi asEshANi Harir ithi akshara Dhvyam".

ANDAL , Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
RaamAnuja Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 





           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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