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bhagavadgItA jayanti and srIvaishNavAs
Date: Sun Dec 17 2000 - 09:31:50 PST

Dear bhAgavathAs,

I have always wondered, if at all, when is bhagavadgItA  jayanti celebrated 
by srIvaishNavAs? I was rather surprised that Sri Ranga Priya Swami did
not make any mention of teh gItA jayanti during hi stele pravachanam
on December 9 (although he mentioned hanumat jayanti and thiru kArthigai).
 For this year it was listed as December 7 (Thursday) and we 
celebrated in our temple on December 10 (Sunday) with entire gItA pArAyaNam
(took approxmately 2 hours) followe by gItA Arati (jaya bhagavadgItaE....., 
in Hindi)
and gist of gIta summarized as one liners by children as follows:

-God is the source of everything.
-The best in everything and everyone is God.
-God is omnipotent and omnipresent.
-True knowledge is to know God.
-Only few truly realize the truth.
-Love(faith), light (knowledge) and life (work) are the ways to God.
-See the ONE in all and all in the ONE.
-Death is only to the body. Soul takes new forms until it is liberated.
-Once we surrender to God, we are free from cycles of birth and death.
-God is ever ready for us: Offer water, flower or a leaf with faith.
-The goo dwins over evil with God's help.
-God reincarnates, as and when needed to establish Dharma.
-Always protect Dharma (what is right).
-The form of God that we worship, in that very form the God stabilizes our 
- All pray to the same one God.
-True believers of God never fail.
-Action is inevitable.
-Do your work without greed. Don't be lazy. Do the work that suits you best
(Play the best cards that you hold).
-Dedicate all your actions and their fruits to God. That is true renunciation.
-Saintly (sAtvik), showy (rAjasik), and lazy (tAmasik) are basic human nature.
-Raise about the dualities of pain and pleasure, loss and gain, etc.,
-Share your good firtunes, otherwis eyou will be nothing but a thief.
-Follow moderation. Maintain a good balance of work, rest, food, and pleasure.
-Be an example for good.
-Be humble and tolerant.
-Lust , anger and greed (L-A-G) lead to sorrow.
-You are your best friend and your worst enemy.
- December is Lord kReShNa's favorite month and Spring is His favorite season
(Note: Comes very handy for us living in the US, as those times represent 
Christmas and Easter).
-The greatest mantra is AUM.
-Wisdom (kReShNa) plus Action (arjuna) equals success.


K. Sreekrishna tatachar


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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