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Sri U.Ve. PerukkAranai Swamy's ThiruppAvai Commentary: Selected Excerpts: Part IV---> SvApadEsArthams

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 19:04:58 PST

Sriamth Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Dear BhakthAs:

We will cover the SvApadEsam aspects of ThiruppAvai here.

SvApadesams and AnyApadesams
ThiruppAvai is an AdhyAthmika Prabhandham (i-e)
it deals with the relationship between the Supreme Being 
and the Jeevan. It took avathAram to celebrate the indestructible
and eternal relationship between the two ( sEsha-sEshi
bhavam : uRavu Ozhikka OzhiyAthu). Therefore , ThiruppAvai
is not just a story of the Vratham (nOnbhu) of 
the Gopa Kannikais to gain the Lord as their husband. 
Beyond this story , It takes on the form of Vedic
doctrines and those of UpabruhmaNams such as 
IthihAsams and Saathvika PurANams.Hence , there are 
abundant references to VedAnthic matters in a natural
form inside ThiruppAvai of ANDAL. These inner thoughts
dealing with VedAnthic doctrines and AdhyAthmika
Saasthrams are known as SvApadesams . 

The SvApadEsam is closely connected to anyApadEsam ,
which refers to literary and superficial meanings 
(mElezhuntha VaariyAna arthangaL). AnyApadEsam also is 
a way of refering to some thing tangentially , 
while having some thing else in mind. For instance , 
some one will say in the middle of an assembly of 
people : " The Sun has set" . Among those who hear this 
statement  , there will be many different intrepretations .
The Vaidhikar will think that the time has come to
perform Saayam Sandhya Vandhanam.The visitor will think:
"Oh ! it is getting late ; I must return home before
night fall ". The thief in the group will think :
" Sun has set ; darkness will come soon. Where can I 
go to steal tonight ? " Thus there are many meanings
for " The Sun has set" staement based on one's life 
experiences.These mulitple meanings are called 
"vyngyArthams or Dhvanyarthams ". 

The Person who made the statement ," The Sun has set" 
is making anyApadesam .That person making the anyApadEsam 
however had some thing else in mind ( svApadEsam / 
inner meaning ). That SvApadesam is more like SvAdhyAyam 
or " inner thoughts or recitation of VedAs" in the context
of ThiruppAvai . SvApadEsam is therefore more like Sva upadesam .

SvApadesam is not Sva+apadesam ( apdEsam=VyAjam or Saakku 
in Tamil).SvApadesam is also not SvApa+dEsam 
( a sleeping place associated perhaps with 
the rigors of upanyAsam listening). SvApadesam really 
means inner VedAnthic meanings behind anyApadesam 
(literary meanings) .

Our PoorvAchAryALs have come up with brilliant 
SvApadesams for each word and groups of words 
of ThiruppAvai in their many commentaries. Therefore ,
it is important to understand the SvApadesams 
besides the literary meanings ( padha arthams).
SvApadesams are therefore Visesha VedArthams.
ThiruppAvai is therefore saluted as " Vedam 
anaithukkum vitthAhum "( Thiruppavai is the seed
for all VedAs ). ThiruppAvai is all about 
the Sesha-Seshi-Bhaava-Roopa Sambhandham
(YeRRaikkum yEzhEzh piRavikkum unthannOdu
uRROmEyAvOm , unakkE naamAtccheyvOm).

We will study the three taniyans for ThiruppAvai 
in the subsequent postings before the first day 
of Maarghazhi Month ( Margazhi ThingaL Dinam ),
which is four days away.

" GodhA Tasyai Nama idhamidham BhUya yEvAsthu BhUya:"

Sarvam KrishNArpamamasthu
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan  



           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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