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Re: amalanAthipirAn - 10

From: Venkatesan Ananth (
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 20:53:10 PST

Couple of things I would like to bring to the 
attention of this group.

1. I have added an image of Uraiyur Thiruppanazhvar
to the Bhakti-List archives. It can be accessed

2. For some time now, I have been attempting to
create a Srivaishnava website. It is getting
close to a state where I can announce it to
the world, although it probably will never get 
to a stage where I would consider it satisfactory. 
Included as part of this site are my translations 
of the amalanAthipirAn vyakhyanams. I will announce 
the site address soon in this forum. 

adiyEn madhurakavi dAsan
T.C.A. Venkatesan

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