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Re: [Thirukoztiyur nambigal and Elya perumal]

From: M.S.HARI Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari (
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 12:31:05 PST

Dear SrI Ranganathan Soundararjan,

>I have read and heard in an Upanayasam the incidence which took 
>place in Thirukozhtiyur-Ramanuja's discourse on the meanings of 
>sarmamanthra gained from Thirukozhtiyur Nambigal, to the public 
>of Thirukoztiyur at the temple gopuram.

If you refer the archives the bhakti-list, 
you can find details about this topic "Bhagavath rAmAnuja 
climibing Tiru-GoshtiUr temple tower (gOpuram) and telling 
the rahasya (AshtAkshara mantra) to public". You have 
mentioned "sarmamanthra"; Are you reffering to "charama-slOka"?
According to the popular and general "belief", the first rahasyam
(The asktAkshara mantra and its meanings) is associated with the 
Tiru-GoshtiUr temple tower incident. May be, if you have heard it 
associated with "charama-slOka", then may be it could be another 

>adiyean has been confronted with another version, which is from a 
>book written by someone in North India about Elya perumal, which 
>states that the dhvyam-om namo narayana was given to elya perumal by 
>someone call gothinpurna and this was given to the public from the 
>temple towers.

dvyam is not the mantra which you have written. But I guess from your
words that the belief is also extended to dvyam. 

The best reference to the above topic which I suggest
which has been written by a scholar and found "forwarded" by
another scholar in the archive of the list.

To quote from the article:
"So we can authoritatively conclude that Sri Ramanuja did not climb
on top of any Gopuram"
"Thus there is no justification to claim that Sri Ramanuja
freely gave it to anyone walking in, let alone anyone
standing in a street corner."

I respect the above article because it is not only a scholarly
work but also has presented facts; the arguments in it are tenable in 
accordance with SampradAyam and authentic historical works. 

The above article conclusively provides information regarding
the mentioned topic.

Thanks & Regards
M.S.HARI RAmAnuja DAsan (

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