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Periya Thirumozhi 11.8- paNiyaay enakku uyyum vagai paranjyOthI!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 02:15:29 PST

SrImathE GopaladEsika MahAdsEsikAya Namah:

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

These sensual pleasures are transitory in nature and are “alpam” (lowly); We 
need to hold on to the lotus Feet of Emperumaan to get rid of the fear of 
being bonded to this worldly pleasures and materialistic desires. He alone 
will remove us from the suffering and samsaaric afflictions. AzhwAr prays to 
the Lord (IN THE FINAL TEN OF PERIYA THIRUMOZHI) to remove these enemies 
(sensual desires).

1. maaRRam uLavaagilum solluvan makkaL/
thORRak kuzhithORRuvip paaykol enRu innam/
aaRRankarai vaazhmaram pOl anjukinREn*
naaRRach chuvaiyooRoliyaagiya namabhI!

Smell, taste, touch, sound - ParipoornaNE! The one who stands as these! If I 
ask You, You always come out with a response to satisfy me for keeping me 
this samsaaric world (saying karma bandham, puNyam, paapam etc..). Let me 
ask You. Listen please. I am terribly scared if You will again push me into 
this cruel deep valley of birth and make me suffer again in samsaara 
saagaram, like the tree at the river bank.

2. sIRRam uLavaagilum seppuvan* makkaL
thORRak kuxhithORRu vippaaykol enRu anjik/
kaaRRatthidaippatta kalavar manam pOl/
aaRRatthuLangaa niRpan aazhi valavaa!

Oh SarvEshwaranE! The One who has ChakrA in the right hand! I have done many 
actions that would have really made You terribly displeased and angry. 
Still, let me appeal to You. Please listen. I apprehend that You will let me 
be born again. I am like those sailors on the wooden piece caught up in huge 
storm- scared tremendously.

3. thoongaar piRavikaLinnam pugappeydhu/
vaangaay enRu chindhitthu naan adhaRku anjip/
paambOdoru kooraiyolE payinRaappOl/
thaangaadhuLLam thallium en thaamaraikkaNNA!

My Swami! Red lotus eyed Lord! I am scared of these worldly lives, thinking 
that  You will not save me from these births of modes of ignorance (thamasa 
guNAs). My mind shivers with fear like staying in a hut along with a deadly 

4. uruvaar piRavikkaLinnam pugapppeydhu*
thirivaay enRu cindhitthiyenRu adhaRku anji*
irupaaderikoLLiyinuL eRumbE pOl/
urugaaniRkum enuLLam oozhi mudhalvaa!

Oh most merciful Lord! The One saved all beings during mahApraLayam single 
handedly! I am afraid You have pushed me into these births saying “May you 
be always be caught in this cycle..”. my mind melts like the ant caught up 
between the two burning ends of a stick.

5. kOLLakkuRaiyaadha idumbaik kuzhiyil/
thaLLippugappeydhi kolenRu adhaRku anji*
veLLatthidaippatta nariyinam pole/
uLLam thuLangaa niRpan ozzhimudhalvaa!

Oh Primordial Chief (only one during praLayam) I am terribly scared that You 
will push me into births again which never ever get exhausted however many 
times one undergoes. (so many paapams). My mind is like vixen (plural of 
fox?) caught in floods.

6. padaininRa painthaamaraiyOdu* aNinIlam/
madaininRalarum valaaLi maNALA!
idaiyan eRindha maramE otthiraamE/
adaiyavaruLaaL enakku unRan aruLE..

Oh Lord of Thiruvaali, the most fertile land with lotus and blue flowers! 
The tree that is cut by the cowherd man, is green on one end and dry on the 
other side (due to the cut off from roots). Please do not make me like that 
(like having both satva guNa on one end, sometimes and thamasa, rajasa 
guNA’s influencing me on the other always). Make me enjoy Your in fullest 
entirety and graciously bless me with that paripoorNa jnAnam that only You 
need to be enjoyed.

7. vEmbin puzhu vEmbanRi uNNAdhu* adiyEn/
naanpinnum un sEvadiyanRi nayavEn/
thEmbaliLanthingaL siRai vidutthu* aivaayp/
paambinaNaip paLLikoNdaay paranjyOthI!

Oh SarvWshwaranE! ParamjyOthI! The One who reclines on the five headed 
AdhisEshan! The One who removed the khshayarOgam (diseases) of the moon! The 
worm that comes out and stays in vEmbu tree, eats only vEmbu (vEppilai- 
vEmbu is extremely bitter in taste). Similarly, Your dAsan, eternal servant, 
adiyEn will never ever desire for anything other than Your Lotus Feet. (even 
if They are vEmbu to me- so bitter in taste. Means: You are “karumbu: the 
sugar cane to us in taste. Even if You choose to be like “vEmbu” still 
adiyEn wants You only.. The worm in karumbu, which has tasted only sugarcane 
can not take in vEmbu (bitter); That’s the reason AzhwAr equates himself 
with vEmbu’s worm; and not karumbu’s worm. )

8. aNiyaar pozhilchoozh aranganagar appaa!
thuNiyEn ini ninaruLalladhu enakku/
maNiyE! maNimaaNikkamE! MadhusoodhA!
paNiyaay enakku uyyum vagai paranjyOthI!

Oh Lord of Srirangam! I will never ever think that there is anything else 
for me except Your Krupai (mercy). Oh blue hued gemstone like Lord! The Most 
shining MaaNikkamE! MadhusoodhanE! ParanjyOthI! Please bless me the way to 
get saved. (What AN EXCELLENT PASURAM!- Please read again. )

9. nandhaa naragatthu azhundhaa vagai* naaLum/
enthaay! ThOndaraanavarkku innaruL seyvaay!
chandhOgaa! ThalaivanE! Thaamaraik kaNNA!
andhO! AdiyERkku aruLaay un aruLE.

My SwamI! The One who is most merciful to compassionate towards devotees! 
The Lord, praised by ChandhOgya Upanishad! (i.e. Vedas) Oh ruddy lined red 
lotus eyed Lord! Alas! Please have mercy on me always and do not push me 
anymore into these births any more that never ever get exhausted 
irrespective however much you enjoy and suffer these births.

10. kunRam yedutthu aanirai kaatthavan Rannai/
manRil malipugazh mangaiman kaliganRisol/
onRu ninRa onbadhum vallavar thammEl/
enRum vinaiyaayina saaragillaavE.

This ten is on SarvEshwaran who lifted the Govardhana mountain as the 
umbreela to save the cattle and cowherd folks from torrential downpour. It 
is composed by Kaliyan of Thirumangai. Those who learn and read this ten, 
will have NO PAAPAMS dare approach them at all times.

THANKS TO EVERY ONE OF YOU for having encouraged in spite of adiyEn’s no 
knowledge and adiyEn’s daring endevaour on this Herculean task, without even 
knowing its depths. It is asmadhAchAryan anugraham, Bhagawath sankalpam, and 
wishes and encouragement from Bhagawathas in this list who have openely and 
privately encouraged (and also corrected at times) adiyEn throughout. Thanks 
again for your patience.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana
adiyEn narayana dAsan madhavakkannan
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