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Karthigayil Kathikagi on Dec 10th

From: Guna Venkat (
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 17:54:59 PST

Dear  Bhagavadas
Adiyen wish to invite all Bhagavadasin the for the Karthigayil Karthigay (Thiru Mangai Mannan's Thiru Nakshatram) to our residence at Sunny Vale listed below.

The Seva Kalam planned to start around 11 am and finish by 2/3. pm Covering 

Mudalayiram Saarumurai (Kanninun SiruThambu)
Erandayiram Saarumurai (Thirumozhi, Thirukurunthandagam, ThiruNedunthandagam)
MoonramAiyram Saarumurai (Ramnusa Nooranthathi)
Nalayiram Saarumurai (Thiruvoimozhi)
Azhwar Vadivazhgu
Vazhi thirunamam

Note- This is the pratice in Thiruvali Thirunagari and Adiyen wish to follow the same . This is lengthy but hope fulfill Azhwar's thiruvullam.  Adiyen wish to mention that we had already started chanting the Divya prbandam (complete 4000 pasurams) and hope by His blessings will complete before Saarumurai.

Adiyen wish to invite all Bagavadas to our residence for the Saarumurai and join us in the Divya Prabanda Ghosti.
Adiyen also wish to post some more about Azhwar's Arulicheyal int his message, sorry for the lengthy one.

Few points on this occasion-
I think every one is aware of ThiruMangai Alwar's greatness and I am sure that Mani had already covered His history earlier and hence I am going indetail about that. I am interested to brief about  His Arulicheyal's as
Siriya Thirumadal
Periya ThiruMadal

On conversion from Mangai mannan to ThiruMangai Alwar (on Panguni Uthram), He started with Vadinen Vadi in Periya thirumozhi and visited (Mangalasanam) almost 86 Divya desams finally ending with ThiruKoshtiur.Out of these 100 pasurams each for His Acharyans ThiruNaraiyur Nambi and ThiruKannapuram SowriRaja Perumal. 50 pasurams for Thiruvarangan, 40 for ThiruIvazhundur ,30 for Thiruvali ( for some more also).

Adiyen wish to highlight the point that through the pasuram of "OruKuralay EruNilam Moovadi Mann Vendi" on SeerKazhi Thadala Perumal Alwar got the Vel from ThiruGnana Sambandar.Its separate story by itself. 
Another Nice one to enjoy about the conversation between ThruIndalur Perumal and Alwar in the "Ummai Thozhuthom" pasuram , where Alwar had said to Perumal "Vazhde Pom Neerey".. It really shows what is the authority that Bagavada has got over perumal. Similarly there are lot of great occasions where Alwar has shown his Bagavadotvam in His pasurams.

Thiruvezhu KooruIrrukai-
This is a Gem from Arulmari about Thirukudanthai Aaravamudan residing in Radam. Alwar has phrased his pasurams in such a way that it numerically ascends as shown below like radam
                                                1    2   3
                                           1  2   3    4   3  2  1
                                       1   2    3   4   5  4   3  2  1
                                           *     Perumal          *
                                            *                          *
                                      1   2    3   4   5  4   3  2  1
                                           1  2   3    4   3  2  1
                                                   1    2   3
I would like to post few more postings about His Madal's subsequently.

Adiyen know my knowledge is limited and during my my posting had I mentioned some thing wrongly , pl forgive me ..

Adiyen wish to request the Bagavadas , interested in joining us pl mail to me or call me so that Adiyen can make some better arrangements.

Thirumangai Alwar Thiuvadigale Saranam
Gunaseelan Venkatachary
243, Buena Vista Ave, #1111, (Central Exp, Mary Crossing)
Sunny Vale, CA- 94086
Res ph- 408 773 0487
Cell - 408 655 0679
Work- 408 588 6672
Best Regards

Gunaseelan Venkatachary
Ph:408 588 6672

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