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Ekadasi Viradham.

From: Vijay Sridharan (
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 15:02:32 PST

Adiyen's Namaskarams to everyone.

I have a couple of brief questions on Ekadasi

Can we consume water during the viradham period?

Can we partake Prasadham during the viradham?

The reason why I am asking the second question is that
I perform nitya naivediyam at home and I partake the
milk / fruit that I had kept for perumal. But I do not
know whether to that on Ekadasi Viradham day. Since I
do not wish to annoy he lord, I take it as his
prasadham. Am I correct in what I am doing?

Om Namo Narayana.


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