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Re: why not to cross the ocean

From: Malolan Cadambi (
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 08:52:42 PST

Dear Sriman Krishna Kalale,

I must outwardly admit that the reply i had sent previously was my own
Looking at the point in another way, we really can't compare ourselves with

>enda anda dharmam illada veli naatle irrukke,  oru varshattile tirumbi

asmadh acharyan's words are final for me.



Krishna Kalale wrote:

> AS far as I know my acharya 44th jeer of Sri ahobila muth also asked me to
> return back from US and in his words - there was no mincing or "overloading
> pramanas".  It was very clear -
> "
> "why are you staying in that non-dharmic land? come back within a year"
> I dont know when that year is going to end for me!  it seems like the year
> of Pitris!
> All said and done,  after reading the news from "smt R. Kalyani of Chembur",
> I do feel that we miss out on all the vedas, shastras etc. back home.  those
> who may not be very keen on such esoteric subjects will not miss anything.
> Those who have had a little bit of taste miss out and suffer outside India
> like fish out of water.
> adiyen Krishna Kalale
> **********************************************
> Dear Sri Madhavan Annamacharya,
> >my ACHARYAN has instructed me never to cross the ocean atany
> True. But the inner meaning of your beloved Acharyan's words can be
> understood in the following manner.
> PramAnam (quotation) :
> "tasmAt samudrasya na pibanti" - From the Vedas
> Meaning - Do not drink water from the Ocean
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