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Periya Thirumozhi 11.7- avan perumai pEsaadhaar pEcchu enRum pEcchalla

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 05:14:27 PST

SrImathE GopAladEsika MahAdEsikAya Namah:

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In the last ten (11.6), ThirumangaiAzhwAr blessed us saying it is His nature 
to protect and save all beings; He is the most merciful, Parama krupALu, 
most compassionate Lord. Now, AzhwAr says “But for enjoying such Greatest 
sarvEshwaran, we shall not do anything; everything else, is waste, if we 
don’t enjoy Him with our sense organs” Let us enjoy Him on this great day of 
Kaisika ekAdasi.

1. “ponmalaiyaik kaaNaadhaar kaN enRum kaNNalla”- This most merciful Lord 
for the sake of Devas, churned the huge ocean with the Vaasuki snake as 
rope, and with mEru mountain as the center stick (matthu) to get the Nectar. 
He did not even bother that the Ocean that He is churning is the same where 
He reclines. That is His Greatness. Such SwamI, with gem decked garlands on 
His Chest, rides majestically and beautifully on GarudA like the Golden 
Mountain moving. The eyes that do not enjoy seeing Him, never deserve to be 
called eyes. Let us know. (kariyavanaik kaaNaadha kaNNenna kaNNO?- from 
Vadavaraiyai song.)

2. “thoNdarkku iniyaanaik kELaach chevigaL cheviyalla kEttAmE”..- The most 
sweetest SarvEshwaran- Vaamanan, One who had entered into the yaagasaalai of 
MahAbhali and begged for three measures of earth; measured the worlds with 
His Feet as Trivikraman; - One who is like the Blue hued gem stone- so 
beautiful and shining; - is so sweet for enjoyment by Bhagawathas. The ears 
that do not hear the glories about such GREATEST Lord are not fit to be 
called ears at all. We have heard this many times.

3. “avan perumai pEsaadhaar pEcchu enRum pEcchalla kEttAmE.. “- The Most 
pristinely purest Lord- One who is praised by “authorless” Vedas;- One who 
on his own mercifully shows Himself at Thiruvaali;- One who had sucked the 
breast of Poothanai (who had come to kill Him with her poisonous milk) and 
then sucked the milk from His mother with his mouth- is the One who is 
highly compassionate and loving towards devotees. Those talks that are not 
on the glory such Greatest Lord are not called talks.  – We had heard elders 
saying this.

4. “aarvatthaal paadaathaar paattu enRum paattalla kEttAmE.”.-The Lord, who 
had effortlessly torn the strong chest of HiraNyan with His sharp nails as 
Nrusimhan;- who is the nirvaahakan of Nithyasooris-is the one who wears the 
most fragrant Thirutthuzhaay (thuLasi) garland on His Chest;- “The songs 
that are not sung on  such greatest Lord  with full of devotion and love for 
Him are not sings at all” as heard by us.

5. “shankhu yEndhum kaiyAnaik kaithozhaak kaiyalla kaNdOmE..”- The Lord, 
whose beautiful Divine Body colour is like the dark deep bluish ocean, the 
blue hued huge mountain, the just plucked fresh beautiful blue flower is the 
One who has Divine Conch in his resplendent Hand. The hands that do not 
perform “anjali” (in folded hands – both palms glued to each other) to Him, 
are not hands at all. Let us know.

6. “uLLaadhar uLLatthai uLLamaagak koLLOmE”- the Thirutthuzhaay (thUalsi), 
alari, the lotus, the vilvam, and all such beautiful fragrant flowers- when 
one sees, if his mind does not think that these flowers are to be offered at 
the golden like lotus Feet of the Greatest Lord, - who had taken Hamsa 
avtaar; who had taken Varaaha avtaar to bring back BhUmi from deep waters- 
are not be called minds at all.

7. “thoNdaraay ninRu ninaiyaadhaar * nenjenRum nenjalla kaNdaamE.. “- The 
noisy ocean, dark blue flower like blue hued Lord SarvEshwaran- at whose 
Lotus Feet, those who do not offer flowers, and who do not consider 
themselves as His eternal servants with their minds are not to be considered 
minds at all. Let us know.

8. “sengkaNediyaanaich chindhitthu aRiyaadhaar* enRum aRiyaadhaar 
kaNdaamE..”- SarvEshwaran is the ruddy-eyed Lord, who enjoyed eating the 
most fragrant butter hung and stored by dark haired cowherd women. Those who 
do not think of such Greatest Lord are always illiterate. Let us know.

9. “maanidarallar enRu enmanatthE vaitthEnE”-Those who do not get enslaved 
and not consider themselves as eternal servants of SarvEshwaran, who killed 
the seven strong bulls for the well laid out, dark darting, large eyed 
Nappinnaip PiraaTTi, who has the most beautiful ThirumaalirunchOlai as His 
eternal place of residence, are not HUMAN BEINGS  at all in my mind- I am 
firm about it- says AzhwAr.

10. The Lotus Feet of SarvEshwaran, having the strong Divine ChakrA in His 
resplendent Hand, who is the divine consort of PiraaTTi MahAlakshmi, who 
dispels karmas (paapams and puNyams) are fit for everyone to worship and pay 
obeisance at. About this, Kaliyan, having the sharp spear in his hand, 
having the Lord’s Lotus Feet on his head, has sung this garland of Tamil 
pAsurams. (Oh Bhagawathas,) dance singing this ten merrily!

ThirumangaiAzhwAr thiruvadigale saranam
Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan
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