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Onion, God/Godess (Re: [Intro...])

From: M.S.HARI Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari (
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 09:31:32 PST

Dear SrI Asthagiri Ravindran Chellappa Iyengar,

Let me briefly answer your questions as follows:

>Why is it that the vegetable onion is not eaten in most houses, 
>especially on saturdays? Some people said to me that it is a taboo. 
>I do not believe it as I feel that Hinduism does not have anything 
>like a taboo. It's main stress, I believe, is on the concept of karma. 

The food that we take has surely an impact on our mind, actions etc.
For example, if someone consumes liquor or such things, then he
gets intoxicated. In this case, the effect is directly quickly seen. But
there are such food/drinks items causing similar and even worser
effects, which are sometimes directly and quickly seen and sometimes
seen after some time. Vaidikas are not supposed to take any food, 
which will produce rAjasa and tAmasa guNams. They are supposed to
consume only that food, which is sAthvikam. Onion is prohibited (taboo) 
in the SAstra because it will not produce sAthvika guNam if consumed.
But for the sake of medicine, if prescribed by vaidya, it can be
taken for the sake of cure of the disease. For more details regarding
the prescribed food and prohibited food items, please read the
"AahAra niyamam" by SrIman NigamAntha mahA dESika swAmy with the
help of SrI VaishNava scholars. 

>While we worship godesses without the god, we do not do the same 
>in the reverse order in almost all cases. Can anybody clarify these 
>for me?

As per the Veda, there is only one God; the concept of multiple
Gods is not present in Veda. That God is divya-dampathi
(divine couple) LakshmI and NArAyaNa. They are inseparable and
this aspect is conveyed by the name "SrIman NArAyaNa:"
As per the parama-vaidika-matham, always LakshmI and NArAyaNa
are worshiped together. SrIman NArAyaNa is the Brahman. 
Using the athidESa-nyAya, this is explained as per the Sruthi.

Thanks & Regards
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