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Re: Visit to ShriRangam Temple
Date: Mon Dec 04 2000 - 01:43:21 PST

To Sri Krishna Kalale, Sri Vipin Chaturvedi,
We had been to Srirangam last month and had a good darshan of Lord Sri
During this visit, one Mr.Souri Rajan, had arranged a  cab for our tour in
and around Srirangam and for our return journey to Chennai. His arrangements
were quite satisfactory;he mentioned that he can pick up persons from the
airport either at Chennai or at Trichy, make all arrangements for a
comfortable stay and darshan at the temple and drop them back at the
airport. I am giving below his phone nos. and address so that you can
contact him.I am sending him your e mail address also so that he himself can
contact you.I do not know his e mail address,[if he has any] myself.
you can take a flight to Trichy from Chennai and proceed to Srirangam from
there which is only six km.from Trichy.
Mr. R.Souri Rajan,
Shri Renganathan Travels,
office;27/b-14,E V S Road,Ranga nagar,
Srirangam,Trichy-620 006

res: 48, north chitra street, Srirangam, Trichy 6
office: 433938, 435353
res:  431203
cell:98424 43938
  With regards,
Smt R.Kalyani
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> Dear devotees,
> My friend Vipin Chaturvedi, who is a great bhakta of Sri Krishna, wanted
> find out how he can get to srirangam temple.  He needed facilities for
> staying : hotels or anyplace in srirangam to stay for a couple of days and
> visit Srirangam temple.
> He would be happy if someone in India can help him.
>  Vipin was born in "Mathura" and hails from Chaitanya Sampradaya.  His
> relatives still live and Mathura and follow the path of bhakti seriously.
> In fact, he was telling me yesterday that the practice in his family, that
> the first born son follows celibacy and devotes his entire life just
> practicing bhakti to Sri Radha Krishna.  Some of the idols in his
> home is thousands of years old, which were protected by his ancestors
> the occupation of Muslim rulers.  Few hundred years back, Mathura was
> practically destroyed and a Masjid was built right next to the Krishna
> Temple (recent one).  I have visited that place.
> Vipin's email is :
> Adiyen Krishna Kalale

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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