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Ayodhya...AND Sreerama Navami Festival

From: k varadhan (
Date: Sun Dec 03 2000 - 13:02:35 PST

Adiyen Ramunaja dasan..
Sree Venketeshwara Parabrahmaney namah..

My dear SreeRama dhootas,

I am a  regular silent reader of the Bhakti list..To be very candid, Because 
of this forum I was able to gain lot of information and the reason to feel 
proud for being a  Sree Vaisnava ..It was Lords grace that I along with my 
family and two kids have performed 90 DIVYA DESAM TOUR without an iota of 
trouble and its all because of the constant companoionship of LORD..
I had recently been to AYODHYA..and the hospitality at AMMAJI MANDIR was 
simply superb ..The Archakas are so kind and they took all the pains to 
provide us with a comfortable stay ..In fact Lord Rama takes care of his 
devotees here ..I am in reciept of an Invitation from AYODHYA..for 
participating in the SREERAMANAVAMI festival..The attachment enclosed is 
giving details of the festival..May I invite all the members of the Bhakti 
list to please go thro the Invitation and become a part of the festival 
please..May I also inform that the festival can be a great success if all of 
us donate some amount liberally for which the entire address is 
furnished..Please become a part of Sree Rama dhootan..Please inform all the 
Sree Rama devotees..

With humble pranams
Yours slave ]
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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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