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FW: Visit to ShriRangam Temple

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 13:33:26 PST

Dear devotees,

My friend Vipin Chaturvedi, who is a great bhakta of Sri Krishna, wanted to
find out how he can get to srirangam temple.  He needed facilities for
staying : hotels or anyplace in srirangam to stay for a couple of days and
visit Srirangam temple.
He would be happy if someone in India can help him.

 Vipin was born in "Mathura" and hails from Chaitanya Sampradaya.  His
relatives still live and Mathura and follow the path of bhakti seriously.
In fact, he was telling me yesterday that the practice in his family, that
the first born son follows celibacy and devotes his entire life just
practicing bhakti to Sri Radha Krishna.  Some of the idols in his ancestral
home is thousands of years old, which were protected by his ancestors during
the occupation of Muslim rulers.  Few hundred years back, Mathura was
practically destroyed and a Masjid was built right next to the Krishna
Temple (recent one).  I have visited that place.

Vipin's email is :

Adiyen Krishna Kalale

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From: Vipin Chaturvedi []
Sent: Friday, December 01, 2000 12:53 PM
Subject: Visit to ShriRangam Temple

Dear Kalale,
        Hari Bol,
        I will be going for a meeting in Madras from February 14-16, 2001. I
wondering if you could provide me some hints/tips for Darshanam at the
ShriRangam temple. How do I go? Where do I stay there? Could I attend Mangal
Aarti etc?
        Any help will be appreciated.
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