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The forthcoming Special 80th Birthday of HH PoundarIkapuram Aasramam at Srirangam and your support for that unique Kaimkaryam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 19:28:37 PST

Dear BhakthAs :

Our AchAryAs are the ground on which we build our lives .
Without them we are nothing and our wanderings here and 
there on this earth has no meaning whatsoever. Blessed
with the BhAgyam of SadAchArya katAksham and anugraham ,
our lives become purposeful . In addition to reverence 
for our own direct AchAryan and His paramparai , we
are instructed by SaasthrAs that we should revere all
Sri VaishNava AchAryAs , who grow our knowledge of
Tatthvams and PurushArtham , while holding one's own
AchAryan's sacred feet on our heads since He is the One ,
who blessed us with Pancha SamskArams and performed 
Prapatthi for us .

The pramANam is :

manthrE tath dEvathAyAm cha , TathA manthrapradhE Gurou
Thrishu Bhakthi: sadhA kaaryA , saa hi prathama Saadhanam 

( Meaning): The one and only (primary) step for 
our ujjIvanam is the devotion to Manthrams such as
AshtAksharam and Dhvayam , reverence for one's AchAryan,
who performed UpadEsam of these powerful manthrAs 
and dhruva Bhakthi for Sriman NaarAyaNan , who is 
the Para Devathai for these ManthrAs . Sustained 
and unfaltering devotion to the Three( mathrams , 
AchAryan and Sriman NaarAyaNan) should always be 
there to realize upliftment in our spiritual saadhanais.

Our core belief is MahA VisvAsam to our AchAryan
in the spirit of the following pramANam quoted 
by U.Ve. SrivathsAnkAcchAr Swamy :

GururEva Param Brahma , GururEva ParA Gathi:
GururEva ParA VidhyA , GururEva ParAyanam
GururEva para: KaamO GururEva param dhanam
YasmAth SadhupadEshtAasou tasmAth GurutamO Guru:

(Meaning): AchAryan is Para Brahmam (Supreme Brahman).
He is the highest to be attained as Education, wealth ,
the means for PurushArtham and the essence of VedAs.
AchAryan is the One , who instructed us on SadAchAram
and anushtAnam . Therefore , He has to be worshipped 
by us with reverence at all times out of gratefulness
(Kruthaj~nathai) for His MahOpakAram. 

Our attitude towards our AchAryan has to be along the lines 
shown by Swami Desikan and Sri NadadUr AmmAL :

Achaaryasya PrasAdEna mama sarvam abhIpsitham
prApnuyAmithi YasyAsthi VisvAsa: Sa SukhI BhavEth

(Meaning): The Sishyan, who has the unshakable faith
in his AchAryan's grace as THE cause for realizing all
that he wishes for , will be the most happy and contented 
one .

Therefore , our AchArya Bhakthi is molded along
the lines drawn by Swamy Desikan:

archanIyasya Vandhyasccha KeerthanIyasya SARVADHAA
DhyAyEth japEth namEdh BhakthyA bhajEdh abhyarchyEn MUDHA
upAyOpEya BhAvEna TamEva SaraNam vrajEth 

AchArya vandhanam , Japam of His Taniyan , Keerthanam
of His auspicious attributes , dhyAnam with joy should be 
peformed by us always . We should seek His feet for succor 
as the upAyam for placing our AathmA,the BhagavAn's property , 
at His CharaNAravindham as Aathma NivEdhanam .

The noblest of instruction given to us is:

" SarIram , artham , PrANAmsccha SadhgurubhyO NivadhayEth "

Everything --our body , wealth and even prANan--has to
be placed at the sacred feet of our SadAchAryan , who
saves us from the terrors of SamsAram and helps
us most mercifully to reach Parmaam Gathi. 

All Sri VaishNava AchAryAs in general and one's
own AchAryan in particular has to be revered 
along the above lines.Let us therefore celebrate 
our AchAryAs , who have nothing but our KshEmam 
in their minds , prepare us for a state of fitness
for arpaNam of our Jeevan to Sriya: Pathi . 

The special article on the connection between
Lord Oppiliappan and PoundarIkapuram Andavan
and the MahOpakArams of this AchArya Paramparai 
headed now by ParamahamsEthyAdhi Srimath GopAla Desika
MahA Desikan is attached . It has been prepared by
Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan with great affection and 
reverence for his AchAryan.

Thanks for all of your support for many AchArya
Kaimkaryams so far ,

Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 


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