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HH Sri PoundarIkapuram Andavan's forthcoming 80th Birthday Celebrations : Part II

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 18:34:16 PST

Dear BhakthAs : 

I am enclosing a note from U.Ve. Dr.V.N.VedAntha Desikan(VNV) ,
a devout Sishyar of Srimath ParamahamsadyEthi Gopala Desika
MahA Desikan currently adorning the PoundarIkapuram Aasrama
Peetam .Dr.VNV and his family are our family's closest
friends and well wishers for number of decades .

Poundarikapuram is where my ancestors come from . They
settled in the early part of this century at Oppiliappan
Koil. Infact my grand father was known as PoundarIkapuram 
Bruhaspathi . PoundarIkapuram and Lord Oppiliappan have tight
links . This will be beautifully brought out in the final
posting (Part III) on this background information postings 
assembled with great care and affection by Dr.VNV.

I have the greatest reverence for Srimath PoundarIkapuram 
Andavan and His many MahOpakArams that he has done for
the protection of the magnificient Sri Sookthis of
our PoorvAchAryAs , stressing the importance of VedAdhyanam , 
strict observance of AachAram and anushtAnam and so many other 
upakArams for the Aasthikaa Community . All the other senior 
AchAryAs including adiyEn's AchAryan (Srimath Azhagiya Singar)
have the highest regards for Srimath PoundarIkapuram and 
are going to be there in person at Srirangam to celebrate 
Srimath Andavan's  80th Birthday on March 30 , 2001.

I would like to join with sihyAs of Srimath PoundarIkapuram
Andavan to help celebrate the planned five day celebrations
at Srirangam and request all abhimAnis of this AchArya
Saarvabhouman to support the many projects that He has
in mind for the coming decade . Sriman MuraLi Rangaswamy
of Srimath Andavan Sishya Paramparai will be key point of
contact for us all here to receive instructions on how to send 
our Tax deductible samarpaNams for this important occasion . 
May I request Srimans I.V.K. Chary and Sudarshan to help us 
with coordinating the support for this Kaimkaryam on behalf
of AasthikAs in the Middle East? Thank you all ! 

The special note prepared for this occasion by Dr.VNV is attached:

                               A Note on
>        Sri Paravakkottai Srimad Andavan's Satabhisheka (30.3.2001)
>The  lineage of Acharyas down from the first patriarch, Nammazhvar, to this
>day  is unbroken; continuous; highly holy even for mere mental remembrance.
>There  are  many  branches;  all are indeed great.  The one that flows from
>Satakopa via Ramanuja and Vedanta Desika is truly a tradition that attaches
>to  Karma,  Jnana,  Discipline,  Bhakti  and Prapatti path a high degree of
>importance  without  ignoring  one  or the other.  The Maths of Ahobila and
>Parakala  are clear-cut streams, well organised, well-supported, deservedly
>so,  and truly intensely engaged in propagation of the system and inspiring
>the devotees.
>The  one,  that  remains,  is the so-called Munitraya tradition.  The three
>lineage   streams  (for  Rahasyatrayasara,  Bhashyas and Bhagavad-vishaya
>respectively) flow into the water-shed, namely Thirukkudanthai Desikan from
>whom  again  a  number  of  streams  flow.   One  among them is the Andavan
>Tradition  particularly  made  popular  by  a  central  figure,  namely Sri
>Poundarikapuram Andavan.  His Asramam, like a hermitage of an ancient sage,
>is  situated  on  the  southern  bank  of  the  Coleroon  river,  near  Sri
>Ranganatha's  shrine and some 200 yards west of Sri Dasavataran Sannidhi of
>Sri   Ahobila   Mutt.    The   present  Acharya  in  this  Asramam  is  Sri
>Paramahamsetiyadi  Gopaladesika  Mahadesikan  (Sri  Paravakkottai Andavan).
>His  Sathabhishekam  falls  on 30.3.2001.  Elaborate arrangements are being
>made to celebrate it in a fitting manner at the Asramam premises.
>Readers  have  got to be told a few unknown things in this connection.  They
>should  not  read  any unintended comment in these words that are necessary
>for the occasion.  There are disciples to this Asramam.  Scattered all over
>and steadfast over three centuries; they will come to the Asramam once in a
>way, for initiation, submitting invitations, for receiving blessings or for
>reviving  old  connections  on  a  pilgrimage  to  Srirangam.   May be, the
>disciples  belonging to other traditions outnumber the Asramam disciples in
>reckoning  these  visits.   The  Andavan  shows  the  same kindness to all,
>blesses  them  all for good auspices, encourages them to partake of meals ;
>indeed  persons  sticking  to  a  high level of orthodoxy have had the best
>place  for  food!   But for this, the Acharya has no opportunity of meeting
>disciples  and devotees. Not only the present Andavan, but his predecessors
>as well had been following this practice mostly so.
>One may wonder why, Their interest is in preserving the personal discipline
>of the ascetic; performing the pooja for Perumals and Acharya Padukas every
>day;  giving  Sri Bhashya and other discourses every day; guide and help in
>publication  of religious texts like Rahasyatrayasara; and their discipline
>in  regard  to ascetic order , sandhya at the right moment, baths every day
>thrice,  fast  on  Ekadesi  and  austere days etc. which is adhered to very
>tenaciously  even  to  this  day.   Their  lack  of  concern  for  monetary
>acquisition  --  for this very reason their total neglect of any prospective
>programme  of expansion, which would involve money that they do not have!-- 
>summarises  their  philosophy.   But  yet  things go on.  
>The  Andavan  is,  however,  interested  in promotion of the Veda and Vedic
>pandits.   Daily  parayana,  Achidra -asvamedha and kataka (on Ekadasi/ 
>Dwadasi days), the fast  disappearing sadas pattern of Sri Bhashya debate,
>Sanskrit  education and spiritual training to the next generation of youth.
>Only  when  these  projects  are spelled out, he agrees to fund-collection,
>hesitantly  though.   We,  his  disciples,  fortunately possessing a proper
>perspective  for  the  sustenance  and  future  development of the Asramam,
>especially  as  a  centre  of  religious  sanctity  and beacon-light to all
>spiritualists,  have  chalked  out  a  number  of  projects  to achieve the
>earlier-mentioned laudable goals.
>I   need  not  elaborate  on  the  respectability  and  reputation  of  Sri
>Paravakkottai  Andavan  in  the  eyes  of Sri Azhagiyasingars (the 44th and
>45th) Srimad Andavan of Srirangam Periasramam.  Sri Parakala Matt swamy and
>Sri  Rangapriya  Swami  not  to speck of great householder swamis scattered
>throughout.   All the four Ascetic Acharyas are Patrons to our Satabhisheka
>committee;  all will grace the occasion.  never can such a unique festivity
>be  imagined.   Many  improvements in the Asramam are mandatory for future.
>Youths  have  got  to  be developed for orthodox line of activity: this can
>possibly  be dreamt of only at a place like Srirangam.  The spring of pious
>religious  life  remains  in  Srirangam  even  as  the  spring of funds and
>monetary  support  is only in the US.  It cannot be the other way!  If such
>pristine  punity,  discipline or scholarship are not encouraged, what would
>happen  to  the  future,  even  if you are all earnest seekers of religious
>initiation?   You  may  belong to any school, to which you may have to help
>liberally.   The  cause  I espouse does not compete; it is supplementary to
>the  other  causes; this is the right occasion too.  Hence I appeal, in the
>name  of Sri Desika for causes dear to His heart, at the critical hour, for
>a  quantum around US Dollars 1,000 from each one of your benevolent hands.
>You  may earmark it for any specific project dear to you, even if not spelt
>out  so far by us.  This help may assuredly prove your major service to the
>cause of our sampradaya for a long time to come.

V.N.VedAntha Desikan 
West Mambalam , Chennai .

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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