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Re: Two questions

From: Sridhar Srinivasan (
Date: Tue Aug 31 1999 - 13:24:39 PDT

Dear Mani:

There is also a cultural aspect to the Radha story that is orthogonal 
to the draviDian notion of morality.   Radha as in the north 
indian story was married, where as all references to gOpikAs (whose 
anubhavam AnDAL recreated for herself) in south indian scheme of 
things indicate that they were unwed.

 That the relationship of ultimate love 
between Krishna and those enchanted by him (as exemplified by 
thirumangai mannan) was not governed by social (and mores-bound) 
barriers is true; However, strangely, in south indian social 
orthodoxy, the idea of a married woman's all encompassing 
relationship with Krishna, without any barriers whatsoever, is 
clearly anathematic.

The Azhwaars themselves (primarily nammazhwaar and thirumangai 
azhwaar) extol the state of total dependence, akin to that of a woman 
with respect to her loved one (which can be the only basis for our 
relationship to the Lord).

I, for one, have always been enchanted by the rAdha story simply for 
the barriers that it breaks and the notion of limitless love that she 
shares with Krishna.