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resolution of Sri Jayanti dates

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Tue Aug 31 1999 - 11:00:04 PDT

Dear Maama,

>From my Kannada Panchangam (sampath krishna joshiar), mannAr Sri Jayanti 
is listed as September 2, and thozhappar Sri Jayanti is listed as September 3.
I believe mannAr corresponds to munitrayam, as Gopala Desikan
refers to mannAr svAmi as an authority in Sri Jayanti Nirnayam.
Thozhappar if I am not mistaken is Vaidika Saarvabhaumar, the 
authority for Ahobila Matham.

If you look at the timings (IST), the night of the 3rd is 
actually navami, whereas the night of the 2nd is ashTami/rohini. 
In fact, rohini ends before night starts on the 3rd, but 
Ahobila Matham and Pancaratra probably observe it on the 3rd
because of the suddha-ashTami rule (i.e., no saptami should
be there). 

On my calendar page, I originally had Sept 3 as the universal 
Sri Jayanti date, but I was recently informed that the Srirangam Andavan 
Ashramam panchangam listed the munitrayam date as being September 2nd. 

Any clarification would be appreciated.