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Re: Introduction

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Aug 28 1999 - 07:25:34 PDT

Dear Sriman Suresh :

I will be happy to send you Sri MahA Lakshmi 
Shasra Naamam in Tamil script .I have it .

I have however one request to make .
Please do not be offended by this suggestion .
It is all for a good cause that is dear
to us all .

I would like to raise some funds for the Sri VaishNava
Kaimkaryams and park that fund with Sri VaishNava Seva 
Committee ( a non-profit tax foundation , SVVS ) 
headed by Srimathi Naagu Satyan of Colorado for
appropriate usage in any future kaimkaryam
such as the temple renovation for KuratthAzhwAr
at the village of Kooram or other pending 

I get a lot of requests for help and I am
happy to help . Until now , I have been giving
away " free " a lot of my time happily .I thought 
it may be a good idea to help fellow Sri VaishNavAs
and at the same time help them help Sri VaishNavite
Kaimkaryams that need financial support thru MODEST
( YathA sakthi ) donations .You can ear mark them 
for a designated Kaimkaryam as well .

I hope the fellow BhakthAs will be receptive to this 
approach to raise some funds in addition to
specific appeals from time to time for different 
Kaimkaryams .


At 07:02 PM 8/26/99 -0400, you wrote:
>I hereby would like to introduce myself as Pillaipakkam Bagukkudumbi Suresh
>from my father's side and from mother's side (Pradivathi Bayangaram), I
>believe my mother's ancestors wrote the Lord Venketesa Suprabatham.  I do
>not know more about this.

>Also, I am looking for Lakshmi Sahasranaman (In Tamil) script.  I could not
>find it on the net.  Can anyone help me on this.
>I am more interested to know about leading a family life religiously.  Pls.
>Inform the ways and means.
>Have a nice time
>P B Suresh