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Re: Counting and concentration in Gayathri japam...

From: Murali Kadambi (
Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 17:15:38 PDT


Sri Anand, Excellent idea - I had never thought of this before. 
Actually it is so simple and yet effective.

Last year for the gAyatrI, I tried concentrating on the Lord as
ramAsakhA imagining Him to be varAha avatAra.  Actually the idea for
this came from a manuscript written by my grandfather-uncle on
prANAyAma where he describes the Lord to be meditated upon as
bhUvarAha.  But the form (as per his description) was far too involved
to be concentrated upon (unless one is used to that) for especially an
early-morning week-day gAyatrI.

So, this year I hope to concentrate on the Lord simply as Kesava since
that is how he has come to our abode in the form of a sAligrAma. 
Kesava with four chakrAs and Sree in his heart is far easier to
concentrate than ramAsakhA, especially because that is how I imagine
Him to be while performing bhagawad ArAdhanam.  I think one or at most
two attributes of Him are all I can concentrate on effectively.

Hope to hear many more thoughts on this.

|| sarvam srI krSNArpaNamastu ||
aDiyEn muraLi kaDAmbi