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Periya Thirumozhi 5.2- Perugu kaadhal adiyEn uLLam pugundha oruvan..

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 02:49:43 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr- Thirumangai mannan describes beautifully in this ten that
the Lord – SarvEshwaran, rushes to enter into the heart of His
bhakthAs and blesses them. That Most Compassionate SarvEshawaran
is here at Thirukkoodaloor- says Nam Kaliyan..

1. KaNNan- the Lord, without knowing His greatness even, went
as a messenger for Pandavas. (Such a sowlabhyan) He is Raajaadhi Raajan - 
King of Kings. His permanent abode is this sthalam of Thirukkoodaloor, where 
the hair locks of flower like thin fingered women folks spread fragrance 

2. The most strongest, tough bulls (7 in number) were conquered by KaNNan to 
show His valour to Nappinnai PiraaTTi, as a challenge.. That Lord who 
enjoyed the beauty of NappiraaTTi, is here at Thirukkoodaloor, where bees 
that hum the tune of KuRinji and drink the fragrant honey

3. PiLLai uruvaayttha thayiruNdu* adiyEn uLLam pugundha oruvan…
appeared as small beautiful charming dark hued, Kutti KaNNan, He ate
the butter and with His mouth full of butter, he entered into adiyEn’s (my) 
heart.. This unparalleled Lord is here at Thirukkoodaloor, where the 
deceitful cranes wait and pick the fishes from fertile fields..

4. He took the small dwarf like form as Vaamanan and begged Bhali for three 
measures of earth, in the yaagham.. He got the whole Universe.. This Swami,- 
adiyEn’s SwAmi,.. – My Kula Naathan- is here at Thirukkoodaloor, where bees 
hum and sing various musical tunes, drinking honey from the flowers that 
adorn the top of farmers’ heads.. (who plough the earth in their fields..)

5. thoNdar paravach chudar senRaNava* aNdatthamarum adigaL..
The Lord who took the huge form rising everywhere in Soorya MaNdalam,
and is praised by His devotees, - That Sarva VyApakan- KaNNan- is here
at Thirukkoodaloor, where the wavy waters that show the sand at the bottom,  
in which the fishes shine like the lightning…

6. dhakkan vELvi thagarttha thalaivan.. dhukkam thudaittha thuNaivan..
Sivan, who was strong enough to destroy Dakshan’s yaagham,-being proclaimed 
as Chief – (thalaivan) – his sorrow and paapam was removed by Emperumaan 
Sriya : Pathi Sriman Narayanan. This ParamAThmA is here at Thirukkoodaloor, 
ripened where  mangoes fall down on the sands..

7. The dark, cool, deep vast, oceans; the huge mountains, the worlds, - 
these were His food; (He ate them during PraLayam to save them) – This 
Greatest SarvEshwaran, My Swami- is here at Thirukkoodaloor, where mullai 
creeper spreads everywhere And hides even the huge Kurundha trees

8. My swami, who stays at Thirunnermalai, where the male deer is happily 
living with its mate, is here at Thirukkoodaloor, where the tender coconuts 
hang down in large numbers, and betel leaves are found everywhere.

9. Perugu kaadhal adiyEn uLLam uruga pugundha oruvar…
The desire keeps on increasing exponentially in my heart, longing for Him; 
and He entered into my heart making it melt like a liquid.. This most 
merciful Lord is here at Thirukkoodaloor, where the thaazhai malars are seen 
in the banks and fishes get scared looking at those flowers thinking that 
they are cranes..

10. The karuneidhal flower like dark ThirumEni KaNNan-
The One whose form is like the dark blue Ocean waters; He is The Lord of 
Thirukkoodaloor, and this ten is on This Emperumaan
It is sung by Kaliyan.. Those who read (recite) them (or these meanings) 
Will have all their sins get crushed and pulverised..

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana

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