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re:Sri Narayaneeyam-99th dasakam,10th slokam

From: A. Bharat (
Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 10:16:24 PDT

On reading the correspondence on the above subject it
seems to me that Sri Vesel was enquiring about the
beliefs of Sri Bhattadri and not of Sri Sadagopan.
And his doubt certainly seems to have some basis ,in
my humble opinion.Nobody can deny that Narayaneeyam
which is a condensation of Sri Bhagavatham is the
outpourings of a great Krishna Bhakta.But all Krishna
Bhaktas do not accept  all the basic teachings of
Swami Emberumanar.For one thing in Sri Visishtadvaita
canon the basic puranic text is Sri Vishnu Puranam
and not Sri Bhagavatam.The reason again for that is
that our Supreme Lord is not a brahmachari Narayana
but Sriyah Pati.Without that conviction the greatest
of Bhaktas would still not be a Visishtadvaitin.

Emberumanar Tiruvadigale Saranam!