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HH Sri Tridandi Jeear's Net Meeting

From: Mohan R Sagar (
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 20:11:31 PDT

Due to an unusually busy schedule, HH Sri Tridandi
Jeear was forced to cut short his electronic
upanyAsam this week.  As a result,he postponed his
planned discourse on the vaibhavam of Sri
LakshmiHayagrivan to next Sunday.  

The Jeear did spend a few minutes of his time,
though, conveying his mangalAsasanams to the
bhAgavathas who had joined the chat and discussing
the activities that were creating this unexpected
change in plans.

A group of scholars and ardent bhAgavathas have
gathered together in Sithanagaram to discuss and
learn about the ashtadasa rahasyam and the
ashtAkshari rahasyam.  These bhAgavathas spent
many hours on Sunday discussing the intricacies
and nuances of each under the guidance of Sri
Jeear Swamy, concluding just moments before the
net chat.

Concurrent to this, a group of doctors have
gathered in Sithanagaram to conduct a free clinic
of medical services of what we in the West know as
Alternative Medicine. In his inimitable subtle but
charming humor, HH raised the question of why
something that has been known about in sAstra from
time immemorial should now be called
"Alternative," when it really is Complimentary

Interestingly, the medical practices being put to
use in this clinic include acupressure and
acupuncture, which we stereotypically identify
with Oriental Medicine.  But, Sri Jeear Swamy
pointed out that these practices were actually
indigenous to India and were only brought to the
Far East by traders at a later stage in early

Sri Jeear Swamy pointed out while our sampradAyam
recognizes illness to be the result of our
prArabdha karma, knowing this should not prevent a
bhAgavatha from acting accordingly with
compassion.  He also reminded everyone of the
vaibhavam of Sri Vaidya LakshmiNarasimhan of
Yadagirigutta, who out His kArunyam, acts as a
Divine Doctor to all, healing the sick and
fostering in them devotion to Him.  If Perumal is
can provide such Divine Intervention, then
certainly we as his servants should feel obligated
to show at least a small amount of this Kindness,
as well.

HH concluded his talk by reminding everyone to not
forget to pay homage to Sri LakshmiHayagrivan
after completing the upAkarma on Avani Avittam.

Sri HH's next net meeting will be on Sunday,
August 29 beginning at 8:30 PM IST.   For details
on how to join this net chat, please contact me or
Sri Raghuram Mudumbai <>.

adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,