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RE: Sri Narayaneeyam-99th dasakam, 10th slokam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 18:22:16 PDT

Dear Sri KrishNa KalalE :

Thanks for your note on Sri Bhattadhiri's
Sri NaarAyaNIyam .

I wrote that article under my own name .
Sri SantAna GopAlAchAr , Sri Mukkur
Lakshmi NrusimhAchAr and others have
enjoyed Sri NaarayaNIyam in addition to
Dr.N.S.AanantharangAchAr .

When it comes to Ishta Dhaivams ,Some BhakthAs
like Saint ThyagarAjA experience " ThrimUrthi
atitha Bhavam/Vaatham ". Saint Thyagaraja in
one of his krithis weighs the thrimurthis
in one scale of the balance against Sri Ramachandran
and declares that the side containing Sri RaamA 
stayed below and the other side went up. 

Sri NaarAyana Bhattadhiri's KrishNa Bhakthi
is summed up in the verse that he composed for his 
Guru, when latter asked him to compose a poem .
His poem was :

KrishNO rakshathu maam charAchara Guru:
  KrishNam NamasyE sadhA
KrishNainEva SurakshithOahamasakruth
  KrishNAya dhattham mana:
KrishNAdhEva SamudhbhavO mama VibhO;
  KrishNasya DaasOsmyaham
KrishNE BhakthirasanchalAsthu Bhagavan
  hEy KrishNa Thubhyam nama: 

Sri Bhattadhri has included all the Vibhakthis 
in this slOkam that he composed as a boy.His
Poorva samskAram blossomed as Sri KrishNa Bhakthi .

Bhakthi is pradhAnam in Sri NaarayaNIyam .
It is a condensation of Srimadh BhAgavatham .
Sri NaarAyaNa Bhakthi need not be tested
against familiar arguments about Advaitham
and VisishtAdvaitham . Sri naarAyaNIyam can
be simply enjoyed as a Bhakthi-laden experience
of an illustrious  Sri KrishNa Bhakthar .KeraLA
with its deep attachment to the dasama Skandham of
Srimadh Bhagavatham had great Sri KrishNa Bhakthars
like Sri LeelA Sukhar of Sri krishNa karNAmrutham
fame and Sri naarAyaNa Bhattadhiri of Sri NaarAyaNIyam
fame. Anyone standing in the early morning hours at
Sri GuruvAyurappan Sannidhi immersed in " Sri NaarAyaNA ,
Hare KrishNA " ghOshams can not but be thrilled 
by the intensity of Sri Krishna bhakthi of 
the sevArthis . Srimadh Azhagiya Singhar 
visite Sri GuruvAyurappan's temple recently 
and I amwaiting to read his anubhavam 
at Sri KrishNan Sannidhi .

In a separate note , I have responded to
Mr.Vesel's question .


At 04:34 PM 8/24/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear Sri Kristijan Vesel,
>>thanks for noting that point.  I dont remember who wrote the posting and I 
>>am sure that person has done an accurate translation of that verse.  As I 
>>understand,  Narayaneeeyam was written by Narayana Bhattadri, a great 
>>devotee in Kerala, near Guruvayoor.  My guru, Dr. N.S. Anantharangachar 
>>once mentioned to me that Narayana Bhattadri - was a "trimurthi atita 
>>vadi", ie. One who thinks that the Highest Brahman is other than brahma, 
>>vishnu or maheswara. He is not a visistadvaitin as per definition, though 
>>personally I love his "narayaneeyam".  In fact, I was driving today 
>>listening to "Santana Gopalachar's Narayaneeyam" with tears in my eyes 
>>since it was so bhakti oriented. Even visistadvaitic scholars are all 
>>praises to Narayana Bhattadri due to the amount of Bhakti he had to Lord 
>>Guruvayoorappan.  Narayana Bhattadri is excellent and there is no doubt 
>>about it.  Personally, I have little knowledge about narayaneeyam, other 
>>than the fact that Lord Guruvayoorappan, one of my favorite krishna forms 
>>is being prayed to in that sloka.
>>Incidentally, Lord Narayana in visistadvaita has different types of forms, 
>>one is amurta or "formless";  Dont jump to the conclusion that this 
>>formlessness is same as attributeless.  Formlessness is the state of being 
>>"vibhu" or omnipresent.  How can he have form and still be omnipresent? 
>> this question is natural.  Once Dr. Anantha rangachar told me that 
>>omnipresence is defined differently - "sarva murtha dravya sambadhitvam" 
>>-meaning He could have form and still be omnipresent.  As per this 
>>definition, omnipresence is that aspect by which lord is connected to all 
>>entities with or without form.  To my mind omnipresence still makes Lord 
>>more formless like space than with form.  I still have to understand what 
>>Dr. Anantha rangachar means.
>>what is said here as "attributeless form" is somewhat confusing to me, 
>>other than taking that to be what was mentioned by Narayana Bhattadri.  I 
>>am sure He is a bhakta par excellence and hence he could not be meaning 
>>totally attributeless.
>>adiyen Krishna Kalale
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>>Subject:	re:Sri Narayaneeyam-99th dasakam, 10th slokam
>>Respected members,
>>Namo Narayana.
>>This posting is a bit late but I hope it will still be answered by you.
>>On bhakti list there was recently a posting on 10th slokam of 99th
>>dasakam of Sri Naarayaaniyam. The translation, I believe,  went
>>something like :"O lord, your attributeless (!!!) form is not easily
>>(or sth like that).
>>You have to forgive me if my knowledge of Vishishtadvaita is a bit weak
>>but I thought that in Sri Ramanuja's philosophy Brahman is always full
>>of auspicious qualities. Isn't this "attributeless form" just some
>>thing propounded by Sri Sankara and rejected by Ramanuja and Swami
>>If so what is this posting doing on bhakti list? Is the author a
>>This message is by far not meant to offend anyone in any way it's just
>>that I feel a bit confused since my  (poor) knowledge of
>>vishishtadvaita doesn't favour this "attributeless form".
>>Hope this is taken in good spirit...
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