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re:Sri Narayaneeyam-99th dasakam, 10th slokam

From: Kristijan Vesel (
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 13:18:56 PDT

Respected members,
Namo Narayana.

This posting is a bit late but I hope it will still be answered by you.
On bhakti list there was recently a posting on 10th slokam of 99th
dasakam of Sri Naarayaaniyam. The translation, I believe,  went
something like :"O lord, your attributeless (!!!) form is not easily
(or sth like that). 

You have to forgive me if my knowledge of Vishishtadvaita is a bit weak
but I thought that in Sri Ramanuja's philosophy Brahman is always full
of auspicious qualities. Isn't this "attributeless form" just some
thing propounded by Sri Sankara and rejected by Ramanuja and Swami
If so what is this posting doing on bhakti list? Is the author a

This message is by far not meant to offend anyone in any way it's just
that I feel a bit confused since my  (poor) knowledge of
vishishtadvaita doesn't favour this "attributeless form".

Hope this is taken in good spirit...


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