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Periya Thirumozhi 5.1- annamaagi arumaRaigaL aruLiccheydha amalan..

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 02:04:41 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Since Emperumaan shows Himself at Divya Desams (due to His Parama kaaruNyam  
and Sowalbhyathvam) only for His BhakthAs to be blessed with the darshan, 
and obtain His Grace, AzhwAr runs from Divya Desam to Divya Desam to enjoy 
Him, to the fullest extent. In this ten, he bursts out on the Lord of 
ThiruppuLLam poothankudi.

1. “aRivadhu aRiyaa anaitthum udiayaan; ennai Aludaiyaan”
He is unparalleled and can not be known or comprehended by
us with our own efforts; He has got all worlds as His possessions;
He enslaved me, as His eternal servant; He took the short dwarf
As Vaamanan; Such Greatest Emperumaan is here living at ThirupuLLam
Poothangudi, where peacocks dance, bees hum and sing.

2. The deceitful Vaamanan cheated Bhali and took back the three worlds
from him; the Greatest Lord, who saved the sorrows of the elephant; the 
Purest Lord, who stays at ThiruppuLLam poothangudi, where fishes jump out of 
ponds and play merrily, while birds fly down to look for the food for their 

3. The Lord who aimed arrows so fiercely to let the heads of the asurA king 
RavaNan fall and finish him off; late He appeared as KaNNan and tore open 
the Kesi asurA’s mouth; He fought with the ChaaNoora mushtikars (wrestlers) 
and killed them; He made the two big trees fall down (by crawling in between 
them); This Most wonderful Lord is here at ThiruppuLLam Poothangudi.

4. The Lord, who effortlessly lifted the Govardhana mountain, and protected 
the cattle from torrential rains (and made the rains waste – as sent by 
Indran);The One who cut the twenty strong shoulders of rAvaNan – Such Most 
Valorous Raman is here at ThiruppuLLam Poothangudi, where beautiful  houses, 
small hills, and big halls are seen.

5. The dark, large eyed YashOshai PiraaTTi, hid the curd so that darling 
KaNNan can not see and steal; But Kutti KaNNan ate the curd, butter and 
milk; He is Most charming Lord, the One who has the strongest ChakrA in His 
resplendent Hand; This Most wonderful Lord is here at ThiruppuLLam 
Poothangudi, where fertile fields can bee seen and where Vedic scholars, 
Brahmins who never speak lies

6. Nappinnai Piraatti, the one who has the narrow lightning-like waist, 
Bamboo-like shoulders, - for the sake of PiraaTTi, KaNNan fought with the 
seven bulls, and conquered them and killed them. This Most Strongest Lord is 
here at ThiruppuLLAm poothangudi, where the bees sing merrily on the Lotus 
flowers in beautiful ponds and where the gold-like particles fall from 
flowers of Punnai down to these ponds.

7. The Lord, who had saved the cattle from heavy rains; the one who had cut 
the  Shoulders of VaaNan and also conquered Sivan who ran away turning his 
back to The Lord; This KaNNApiraan, is here at ThiruppuLLam poothangudi, 
where bees  Come with their families to honey filled flowers and drink and 
enjoy themselves.

8. The Lord, who had driven the chariot for Arjunan, enabling him to fight 
against the angry red eyed enemies in the battle; the one (Sivan) whose sin 
was removed and his sufferings cured by letting the skull that got stuck in 
his hand be fallen away
by Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan; - That Greatest Lord -My Swami is here at 
ThiruppuLLam ppothangudi, where Brahmins live, performing and grooming agni 
live in; They are noble, and patient people.

9. When the whole earth, the whole universe were filled with darkness, and 
there were Ignorance, everywhere due to no jnAnam; The Lord appeared as 
Hamsam and Blessed us with Vedas- This Most Merciful SarvEshawaran, is here 
at ThiruppuLLam Poothangudi, where nine gems, the pearls that drop from 
bamboo, the golden particles
are all collected by the river Cauveri on the way during its course, at this 
fertile place.

10. This ten is on the Lord, who had reared calves that looked like big cows 
even due to their drinking bhakti laden milk); who had danced on top of the 
Kaalingan; who is the Divine Consort of  Periya PiraaTTi Mahalakshmi, born 
of beautiful lotus flower. – This greatest Lord is here at ThirupuLLam 
poothangudi. Those who recite this ten (composed by AzhwAr, Thirumangai 
mannan, one who knows
Bhagawatha Vaibhavam) will get all their sorrows and karmic diseases 
vanished.. flying away..

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan

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