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Swami Sri Desikan Thirunakshathram Celebration at Sri RanganAthA Temple at Pomona , NY ( September 18-19, 1999)

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Aug 23 1999 - 18:58:01 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

Srimans Venkat Kanumala , Sri Sampath Rengarajan and adiyEn
are assembling an agenda for a two day celebrations for 
the 731st Celebration of Swami Desiakn's Thirunakshathram
at Pomona , NY during the weekend of September 18-19. 
Sri RanganAthA temple of New York, Swami Desika Darsana
Sathsangam , Sri RaamAnuja Kootam of Virginia and 
the NaamA organizations will be sponsoring this 
conference to salute our AchArya Saarvabhouman ,
Swami Sri Desikan .  

This is to request you and your fmily to reserve the time 
slot and participate in this celebration and 
enjoy the sathsangham . 

Sri Venkat Kanumala has advised me that the sthapathis 
have almost completed the main PraNavAkruthi VimAnam for 
Periya perumAL and the other work is progressing to 
plan for SamprOkshaNam for the full temple with
all its Sannidhis in the year 2000 . Perhaps , we will
have  a chance to visit the work in progress during
the occasion of this meeting .

The agenda is evolving . As of now , there are
plans to have Divya prabhandham chanting ,
Thirumanjanam for PerumAL and Swami Desikan 
and ThirukkalyANam during the  week end besides 
upanyAsams by Tamil and Sanskrit Scholars from 
the different parts of USA . 

The conference agenda is as follows:

September 18, Saturday :

1. Release of AchArya RamAnujA Multimedia CD ROM
2. Recitation of YathirAja sapthathi 
2. Overview of Swami Desikan's  Sri Sookthis
3. Swami Desikan at ThiruvEnkatam (DayA sathakam )
4. Swami Desikan at Srirangam ( sthOthrams)
5. Swami Desikan at ThiruvahIdhrapuram ( Para Madha Bhangham )
6. Swami Desikan at Kaanchipuram ( SthOthrams ) 

September 19 , Sunday :

1. Five Sanskrit Kaavyams of Swami Desikan: High Lights
   (PaadhukhA sahasram, Hamsa sandhEsam , 
    YaadhavAbhudhyam , Sankalps SuryOdhayam and 
    SubhAshitha Neevi )
2. Rahasya granthams of Swami Desikan in MaNi PravALam:
   High Lights
3. Recitation of Achyutha sathakam in praakrutham
4. Release of the Volumes of 4-6 of Audio CD ROMs 
   of Swami Desikan SthOthrams by Sri RaamAnuja Kootam
5. Tamil Prabhandhams of Swami Desikan: Saaram 
6. GithArtha Sangraham 
7. ThirukkalyANam for the Divya Dampathis .

Daasan, V.Sadagopan